What loop am I in?

5 years and 3 months. FIVE YEARS!!! I can hardly believe that's how long I worked for Starbucks! It just blows my mind. Good 'ol Dickson City, the not-so-good MOA 1, my beloved MOA 2, and now Chantilly Crossings! From Barista to Shift Supervisor to Coffee Master to completing my Assistant Manager Training and back down to Barista in the end! There is so much on my mind. I'm having a hard time putting my thoughts together.

I haven't even been here for a year and already God has done earth-shattering things in my life! He's given me a nephew that I love and adore more then I ever knew possible! He's given me the love of my life, the man I am going to spend the rest of my life loving. I'm getting married in 22 days (3 weeks thank you very much!)! And on top of it all, He's used my future husband to release me from having to work 2 jobs!

This is such a lame post. I can't write what I'm feeling because it's just TOO MUCH! That, and Chail is crying and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is yapping in the background. I'll try this again another time! =)

Soaking IT In

There is hardly an inch free on my bedroom floor. I certainly can not even reach my closet without tripping over boxes of ribbon, tull, bows, invitations, or honeymoon clothes. I look around my room and there is evidence of an upcoming wedding everywhere! It's the best feeling on the planet. I have never been this happy in my entire life!

Sure, there's the absolute excitement that comes from the fact that our wedding is in 50 days, but more then that, I am going to be Chuck's wife! The name of my blog is Full of Joy, and I AM! It's not the wedding that excites me the most, but becoming one. It's a dream come true. Chuck is beyond what I could have ever even dreamed of asking God for! I could not have made up a more perfect fit for me. Like bread and butter, toast and jam. ;) More accurately, like soy milk and espresso. (Yes! He drinks soy milk, too!)

I love the fact that I am the Bride-to-Be. I love that I'm engaged. I love that I'm wearing a stunning diamond ring on my left ring finger. I love that my smile glows and my face lights up when my man walks in the room. I love that we can act silly together watching movies on a Friday night laughing hysterically over nothing at all.

Tonight I am reminded to enjoy these moments. To enjoy being engaged and not hurried to get down that aisle. These are days to be treasured, and I'm soaking it in like sun on a 90 degree day at the beach! Only 100 times better!!!!

Did I mention only 7 weeks to go??? ;)