what is the deal with chipotle anyways? i am trying my best to love it like most. people rave about it there, but i gotta be honest. it's icky. their meat is gross. pure GROSS. the chicken is brown and slithery, the beef is slimy and stringy, and i'll give you their steak. the steak i can handle- only it's so spicey my lips were melting off the whole time. at one point i actually started choking, and huge tears were pooled in my eyes. thank goodness it wasn't a date. plus their salsa is all chunk. no juice! i gotta have the juice, people! i can say their "fresh" brewed tea is yummy- especially with my little secret recipe that i make. but, definately NOT worth the 8 bucks. my little square needs more variety.

i am DYING for jamba juice to open- i will be singing praises then! i will also be even more broke- it'll be well worth it after my 8,9, and 10 mile runs!! sooooooooooooo yum and refreshing!

so, good-bye chipotle. i've given you a valiant effort. i'm sticking with taco bell. you can't go wrong.

Any Advice?

It’s difficult for me to write this letter, but I can’t explain why. Thoughts about what I would write have been swirling round ‘n round in my head like a Frappuccino in a blender for days now. Only, my thoughts aren’t coming out as a delicious blended coffee drink- they’re coming out as a big blob of confusion!

I have a lot of good to report. First things first- most people always want to know if there’s a boy in my life. That scores the highest on interest levels, I realize. So, let me just get to it and announce that, no, there are no boys in my life. (Oh, unless you count the married-ies, old-ies, or wouldn’t-touch-with-a-ten-foot-pole- ies.) What can ya do? Now, moving on to more important topics!

I am training for a half marathon (that would be 13.1 miles) which takes place on June 2- only 6 weeks and counting! My long runs are already up to 7 miles- let me tell you, it’s really hard work! I am astounded at God’s creation of the body. I am not a born runner, and actually don’t really even enjoy running. But, each and every run, God gives me this tremendous power to make it to my mark. It’s been an amazing bonding experience with my creator! Just so ya know- you ALL could do this, too. I certainly never thought it possible. It just goes to show- all things truly are possible through Him.

I just finished another writing class at The Loft- the largest literary center in the nation, right downtown! I loved it, and learned a lot. God also allowed me to bond with my classmates, I’m really sad that it’s over. I start working for The Loft tomorrow to pay for the class I took. I will work there once a week through June on my days off from the Bux.

Speaking of Starbucks, things there are good. My dear manager that I’ve had for a year and half resigned and took a non-profit job. It has been extremely sad for me. We were pretty close- he’s the reason I have stayed at my store for this long. My new manager is great, but “losing” Jeff has got me thinking. I made a final decision that I will not become an assistant manager. It’s definitely the logical next step in the company, as I have all the knowledge, experience, and ability to do that job. But, I have prayed about it for months, and I have a total peace that the ASM position is not for me.

My heart has always desired to be in some sort of ministry- full time, as a career. I mean, I went to BBC to get a “ministry degree”, but now that I’m out in the “world” I feel as if this type of position doesn’t exist for single women. My heart longs to serve in this way, but it feels pretty hopeless right now. I feel destined to be stuck at Starbucks for the rest of my life- always scraping by to make a living. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy- the people I work with are fabulous- it’s just not what my heart desires at all.

So, where does this leave me? Longing, wondering, confused, lost, a little sad, and really wanting help! What’s my next step? Good question, I have no answers! If you have any advice, let me know! I want to do what God wants, it just doesn’t seem like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel of latte’s.

Alright, well- it’s time to clean the 7 miles off my body! Thanks for listening, it really means a lot!

A New Land

i went to another world this weekend- a sweet, little town in good 'ol south dakota! now, i come from a family with a lot of relatives residing in tiny town iowa, but this was nothing compared to that! i was left astounded by the seclusion of the town we were in. it was beautiful- literal rolling hills, green lands, and the sky went on for miles and miles. i found myself just staring (probably gapping mouthed) out the window in awe of the world we had ventured into.

the reason? dan and heidi's wedding. a simply beautiful day- a beautiful wedding- a radiant bride AND radiant groom. the depth of love they have for God and they have for each other was shinning brighter then even the sun. i've been around them for a year, watched their love for each other grow with each passing week, but their wedding. wow. you could almost touch their love, it felf that tangible. to call the day a blessing would be shorting it of the tremendous value it heald. still holds. and will forever hold.


my last post was my 100th post! i had no idea- i missed my chance for a celebration post. thus, i am going to celebrate my 101st post! hhmmm...i got nothin'.

i'll tell you this: i am very happy! i live a quite happy life- all thanks to God. the only downside is, lately i have been more-then-tired. so tired, i have been driven to naps (which i RARELY take), and freak-out-ish situations. they say you can survive longer without water then you can without sleep. i believe it.