i'm me

i am happy to be who i am. there's some thing in life about being true to who you really are that brings a great amount of assurance and peace. it's because being who God made me to be allows me to see how much He loves me. how much He believes in me. how much He adores me, just the way i am, because HE MADE ME THIS WAY!!!! :) it truly blows my mind.


trust in him at ALL times...pour out your hearts to him...for God is our refuge... yeah... :)


do you ever just forget who you are? without even realizing it, i have!

it's not like it goes "oh shoot! i forget who i am...let me try to find me...". it comes from some where else. some where deeper. i'm walking along in life, happy as can be, and some thing from some where deep comes outta nowhere and says "hey! listen up...you forgot about yourself in this (whatever this is) way!"


don't get me wrong. i am in no way being conceited, or stuck on myself. but it's absolutely liberating to discover new and old parts of ME. it's soooooooo freeing to be true to myself. it's a feeling that is tangible. it's like locking eyes with a guy (or girl!) that you are super attracted to. or holding hands for the first time. or having an attractive guy (or girl!) smile at you, and only you. it's THAT kind of feeling.

i guess why it's so lovey-dovey to figure parts of myself out is because it's really some thing so intimate between God and me. it's God speaking to me, loving me, adoring me, and some times i forget that!

what i've re-discovered in the last couple days is a PHENOMINAL book. you know that book that you've read numerous times, and EVERY time you love it even more?! i had forgotten about this book, but i grabbed it off my shelf on tuesday night, and haven't put it down since!

it's the third time i've read through it, and it teaches me some thing new EVERY time. it speaks so sweetly to my soul, i can hardly fathom the healing touches that God has used once again on my heart. it's a must-read for every girl, woman, and female alive.


i feel compelled to share this story tonight. i ache over the situation, and i hurt for my friend. i can't do any thing with out this story crossing my heart. i can't do any thing without stopping to pray for my friend. it's consuming my thoughts.

without giving too many details (to protect all those involved)...my young friend, who is newly married is suffering a great deal. her husband isn't speaking to her, and is cheating on her (from what i understand). i do not have the liberty to share details, but i do want to beg any one reading this to please pray for this couple who is hurting so terribly right now. how to pray? i don't know- healing, restoration...God...help....

sigh...my heart is heavy...

light bulb

hi. can't really say what i'm thinking right now. it's not so much because i don't want to, it's more because i have a feeling if i type what i'm feeling it'll come across as me being cranky pants. maybe i am cranky pants, but i don't want to spread it around, so i'll keep my pants to myself. HAHA! i just realized how that sounded and i just HAVE to keep it!

the good thing is, i just LOVE the people i work with! i can go in there in ANY mood and they all instantly connect with me, no matter what. they understand the ways, and i so appreciate and adore them for it. tonight, during any given time, there were 3-4 of us almost crying TOGETHER several times. then we'd all crack up laughing at our drama! misery loves company, and it turns into FUN! that's the beauty of the female.

while i'm on the topic, i think females have it so unfair about a lot of things. we really do. but, it's ok. i am a female through and through and so i embrace it head-on: the good, the bad, the ugly. there's nothing i can do.

i learned some valuable life lessons today. i think i'm pretty smart for it, and i can not WAIT to share it with my children some day! it was a literal, real, light bulb moment and i just KNEW the answer. my kids are gonna live much easier now that i know what i know.