Almost One!

 This is one of the very first pictures we got of Jase smiling.  It brings tears to my eyes to think of how much he's grown.  I wrote in my journal today that "Chuck and I are so proud of Jase just because he's who God made him to be."  I'm so privileged to get to watch this guy grow right before my eyes every single day.

Here's that sweet smile as he's "all grown up".  ;) I have been feeling super emotional the last couple of weeks as Jase heads into his very first birthday.  Thank God for this little miracle!  Since this is Labor Day weekend, my mind is often filled with thoughts of last year at this time.  I went into labor on Labor Day.  I'm still doubting the Bible when it says women forget the pains of child birth! Seriously?!  I have not forgotten.  But I do celebrate, and I can't wait to show this baby how birthdays are done in the Dubbe home!

Someone recently said to Chuck, "It's really special to have a first born son."  It sure is.  Thank you, Jesus.

Rest of the Fam

This is my whole immediate family, except my younger brother who was looking at records when we  found someone to take this. (Sorry Cakes!)

My Mama and me.

Here's my Dad!

My SIL, who has been in my life since I was 10! 

There's my younger brother with the nephews! 

And my older brother with sweet lil G. 

Nephews, Niece, Cousins

My sweet, favorite little niece! 

Does it get any better than cotton candy?

"Come on!  Take a picture with Auntie!"

Attempting to get three boys to take a picture...

The best we could get- I love these boys!

Precious guy.  Miss them all!

Family Vacay

I just went grocery shopping:  I LOVE having fresh, new food items filling the fridge and pantry.  It's such a good feeling.  Mmmm.  Especially the fresh fruit.  I am a fruit maniac right now.  I just can't get enough of it.  Moving on, this post has nothing else to do with groceries.  

My side of the family goes to the beach every other year.  It's a wonderful tradition, and some years it's the only time I see my older brother and his family.  This year was very different for us.  My Mom and I ended up referring to the trip as "family time", not so much vacation.  Taking babies to the beach is a lot of work! Next time we go Jase will be two, and Baby Dubbe will be one.  (That is NUTS!) Haha!  Here are some pictures of our special (albeit crazy) time together back in early July.

That's all I have time for today.  More to come!

Photo Uploading Session

Since Chuck has today off, we've used a good chunk of the morning to sort through our million photos, got them organized on his laptop, and basically just got on the same page.  These two pictures are my trial run on the blog.  I'm sure when I try to do this while he's at work, something will go wrong.  That's just how computers and I work.  I'm a total pro on the PC, but working on the Mac is really frustrating.  

Here are two pictures from a girl's weekend I went on back in June.  Sickness and nausea were at their peak for those couple of days so I didn't really take many pictures.  But, the first picture is the view out of our hotel window.  We stayed in Atlantic City one night, and went to the beach the next day.  The second picture was taken right when we got into our room.  

These friends and I all met in college, and lived together for most of the four years.  Since graduation in 2004, we've gotten together almost every year.  Amanda, all the way on the far left, was my roommate for all four years!  She married a British fellow so we try to get together whenever she's back in the States.  We all live in different States all the way from upstate NY, to NC!  It's a really special time when we meet up.  It always feels like no time has passed at all.    

A picture!

That's right everyone, I found a picture on this laptop to post.  It's the most recent picture I could find, but it was taken back in June at Jase's swimming lessons.  Chuck was going to show me how to upload new pictures last night, but I sighed and said, "I'm just too tired- looking at the computer makes me nauseous."  Yes, I'm such a baby.

Actually, looking at this picture makes me a little nauseous, as well.  No one wants to wear a bathing suit postpartum/already partum again.  (I do realize partum is not a word on it's own, but it seemed fitting given the context.)

Instead of learning how to upload pictures, I sat and watched, "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition".  During the show, a dear friend of mine called so I went up stairs and began sorting through all the clothes that don't fit me while we chatted.  There are piles and piles of too-small clothes on our guest bed.  I can't decided if I should donate them all, or save them.  I would greatly value anyone's input who has been in this scenario.

We don't have much space at our house- and certainly don't have room for piles and piles of clothes that don't fit me.  There are piles of clothes that I haven't worn in two years because of being pregnant two summers in a row.  I daresay, I doubt they will ever fit me again, and if they do they'll be out of style by the time I can squeeze back in.  It makes me feel really, really sad to get rid of clothes.  I have emotional attachment to my clothes because a lot of them are left over from the summer we got married- including our honeymoon.  People, I am currently 30 pounds heavier now than I was on our honeymoon.  Granted when we got married I was the skinniest I've ever been, or ever will be- and right now I'm pregnant, and will get much heavier.  Ha!  I just hate the thought of getting rid of perfectly good clothes.  Like a lot of clothes.

But if there's anything I've taken from watching, "What Not to Wear" over the years, never keep clothes you HOPE to squeeze back into.  Keep clothes in your closet you can wear now, and feel good in.  Also, people wear 20% of their clothes 40% of the time- or something like that.  It's hard to let go of an era of clothes- and think about all that money going down the drain.  Especially when we aren't exactly in a place where I can just go out and buy new clothes whenever I want.

I wish I could find a girl who is around the size I was so I could give her the clothes- I would be excited to do that.  I did look up donation places around here, but nothing struck me.  Besides, who's to say anyone out there would actually like my clothes? Haha!  If you're reading this, and know a girl who could really use a lot of clothes, please let me know.  (tops: size small, some medium; bottoms: size 6-8; dresses: size small, some medium)    

Rain Rain Stay!

I just love rainy days!  Especially today because I've had a lingering headache.  Since it's not sunny, I was able to sleep better during Jase and I's morning nap (usually the sun shines brightly in our room). Even when I'm feeling well, I love rainy days!  I think it makes me feel relieved that I have an excuse not to go out and do anything.  We pretty much stay inside almost every day.  I don't have the energy to run around town at all, and it's so hot and humid I can hardly stand it.  Even taking Jovie out feels unbearable, and I'm only outside for a few minutes.  I've hit 17 weeks today, so maybe some super-Mama-energy will hit me soon.  Thankfully, Jase is amazing at playing by himself.  I'm able to get stuff done in the kitchen where I can keep an eye on him, and he just plays his little heart out.  It makes me happy to watch and hear him playing- I can see his little imagination at work already.  

Since I've had this headache, the OB nurse suggested taking Tylenol, drinking some caffeine, and resting.  (Resting?! Ha!)  I decided to make a little party out of it by baking banana bread to go with my cup of coffee and Tylenol.  I'm thoroughly enjoying both while watching Law and Order.  I'm a little stuck on the show at the moment.  What better way to rest while Jase naps?

I am loving the 11 month phase!  It seems each week, sometimes each day, Jase is learning something new.  We've been trying to teach him sign language for a few weeks now, and in the last couple of days he has actually signed, "more"!  I get really excited when he does it.  I don't know why I feel so shocked when he learns something new.  It's just amazing to me to watch his development.  I'm so proud of our little guy.

Chuck is going to teach me how to get pictures off my camera, onto his laptop, and posted to my blog.  We'll see when we get around to that, but I realize non-picture posts are a little dull.  Stay tuned.