The Newly Weds

Married. I am married. I am a Mrs. I wake up every morning in awe and wonder at this life I am living. I treasure this man that I call my husband more then I ever knew possible. Chuck helps me to see the light. He helps me see the glass half full. He helps me to be positive, no matter the circumstances. He works hard and always with a smile on his face.

Our newly wed life is fabulous! We are happy beyond happy! We ended up having a 4 week honeymoon due to some delays with Chuck's new job. Though the husband wasn't too thrilled, I was secretly doing cartwheels at our extended time together! God provided him with a job at a moving company that he worked so hard at whenever they offered him hours while we waited.

I am a homemaker right now and couldn't be happier! I know you may be wondering if I get "bored" staying home all day. Heck no! I have many things to do that I just love. It's my dream come true. First being married to such an incredible man, and second to be able to stay home and my priority is to take care of him!

Even though I am loving being home, Chuck and I have been talking extensively about me pursuing other dreams that I have. He pushes me in my passions and desires to see all my dreams fulfilled, big or small. It's incredible! I will keep you posted as I hope to pursue these other dreams in the near future!

Chuck is officially at his new job, and is VERY happy to be there! I have to say though, when he walks in the door when work is done, it's my favorite time of day! =)