Who Is Full of Joy? Part 1

Welcome to Full of Joy! I’m so happy you stopped by. In all my ten years of blogging, I have yet to actually introduce myself. I’ve noticed other bloggers have intro posts, and love the idea.
So, Hey ALL! My name is Abigail. Yes, I like to be called Abigail. Since Joy is my middle name, and Abigail means, “Father’s source of joy”, the blog is aptly named Full of Joy. The irony being joy is not a natural component of my heart. My tendency is to worry and be afraid. As a kid I was scared of anything you can imagine! Since becoming an adult, I’ve learned to mask my fears, but they’re usually there scratching at the surface.

For the last several months I’ve been intensely working on overcoming anxiety. I believe as a follower of Christ I have the ability, through the power that raised Christ from the dead, to overcome ANYthing. It may take a lot of hard work, discipline, tireless effort, and outside help- but the victory is already mine through the blood of Jesus. Praise His holy name!

Some things that make me really HAPPY are Starbucks, coffee with flavored creamer, iced tea, a new outfit, burning candles, amazing worship music, the beach, writing something that really comes together, hysterically laughing with a close friend, Christmas, Summer, getting my hair done by the best hair dresser on the planet- Sharon, having a room decorated the way I dreamed, sweet wine in a pretty glass, reading a fabulous Christian-fiction novel, listening to Beth Moore- or better yet- seeing/hearing her live, my own chocolate chip cookies, brownies and ice cream, pizza every Friday night, shopping at Target, getting presents, and good TV shows- Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, Cheers, Frasier, Gilmore Girls, Love It or List It Too, Fixer Upper, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Everybody Loves Raymond, Ellen, and Full/Fuller House, to name a few!
Did I mention I'm crazy about Starbucks?
Being naturally introverted and shy, my parents and life has taught me how to step out of my shell, even when I feel really uncomfortable. I prefer to be home, and have to force myself to leave the house- even to go outside. I’m not a nature kind of girl. Going to the backyard and having grass itch my ankles is enough to send me straight back to the comfort of my living room. My motivation for being outdoors used to be the hope of a tan, but having numerous spots (painfully) removed off my skin, I now resort to SPF.

Let’s see, I don’t like games with large groups of people. I don’t like to be messy or to get wet. Raw vegetables, cream cheese, cheesecake, mayonnaise, mushrooms, and sour cream really gross me out. It really bothers me when people call me Abby. I like sleeping in a really cold room with lots of blankets. Purple has always been my favorite color. I thrive under organization- chaos makes me a crazy person. I do not like to travel. I’ve visited and lived in many states and countries, and ALWAYS just want to be in my own home. I enjoy hosting. I hate grocery shopping. I don’t like cooking, and LOVE eating out, but very rarely get to. Trader Joe’s rocked my world in a fabulous way, but we no longer live near one, and that makes my heart ache. I’m blind as a bat without contacts or glasses, and need to lose a few pounds this Spring and Summer.   
I live a full and free life. Jesus saved me from an eternity in Hell, and gave me a life worth living on a daily basis. Through Jesus I have purpose, meaning, security, hope, peace, redemption, and yes JOY.
Dear one, if you don’t know Jesus in a personal way- you can! I would be elated to share with you in person, over the phone, or in any way you wish- but here’s a little something to help guide you. Don’t go another second without knowing Jesus. He is the greatest love you will ever know.

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Melody Martin said...

Nice to meet you again. I love reading about people, but it's much cooler because I know you. Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife are THE best!

Amber Osborn said...

I love the girl I grew up with, who made me feel comfortable and sought me as a friend. I love the woman I have grown with, who has loved me, supported me, given grace to me, and continued to stay a wonderful friend. I love you my friend, and grateful for your transparent heart for Jesus that encourages me daily.