My Girl

My Daddy and I's dance at the wedding! =)

The Way You Look Tonight

Thanks for the video, Jen! We LOVE it! =)

Over the Rainbow

Happy 2 Month Anniversary to the man who makes me come alive with a radiance in my soul that I have never known! Indeed, the dreams that I dared to dream really did come true.

Dancing onstage at The Mellow Theater in Scranton, Pennsylvania seemed more like a dream then reality. Joanna Nunemaker and her assistant, Janean Truax artistically captured such dramatic scenes between my husband of just a few hours, and I on our wedding day. They made it seem as if we had all the time in the world to be in the spotlight, on stage, the stars of each other's show. And we were. We gazed at each other, danced across the stage with no music needed at all, laughed, whispered our thoughts to each other, and basked in the utopic feeling of our day. We hardly noticed our talented photographers as our only audience.

I will not soon forget how it felt to done the gown of my dreams on that monumentous day. It was nothing like being a princess or even a queen. It was more then even that. Dress flowing for miles seemingly, my brand new husband sweeping me into his arms, and the beauty of our emotion entwined together created nothing short of a miracle from our God.

Here we are in a private moment on the grand stairs at The Colonnade in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Joanna was creatively nearby at all times, but we seemed to hardly take note. We were caught up in each other, in our own magic. In just a few seconds we descended the elegant steps to be cheered on by those who love us so dear.

There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby Babe, and it's beyond what I could have ever asked or imagined. I adore you and love you with all my heart. You know where to find me.

Reading Rainbow!

I came across this video today and found myself singing joyfully along! SO heartwarming! I used to love this show. I guess it's my love for reading, writing, and all things literature. It's amazing how one small memory can trigger such happy, warm, and safe feelings. I can totally picture myself as a little girl snuggled up on our old family couch mesmerized by this show and all the books it advertised. I love reading!