I've only been able to attend services with our new church community a few times, and it's been a hard transition for me.   But the service yesterday was quite different. Chuck and I are learning that LWCC has many pretty cool traditions during the holiday season.  Yesterday was their annual Thanksgiving service which included "Cardboard Testimonies".  I have seen this type of testimony before and found it extremely moving.  Yesterday was no different.  Our wonderful, dear friends Ben and Jess visited us for the weekend so they were watching the testimonies with me.   The three of us were a crying mess together.

I was VERY encouraged and VERY inspired by the vulnerability and courage of the people who shared.  I began thinking of my own cardboard testimonies in my head.  It really got my mind kicked into high gear  for this week of Thankfulness.  It also got me thinking about all the family and friends I have and all the good ways God is working in all of us.  Even in the MIDST of painful seasons, which Chuck and I find ourselves in,  God is good.

So I would like to ask you, friend or stranger, what is your E-version cardboard testimony?  I think you'll be encouraged if you watch this video (Click to watch) or even if you watch just a couple of these testimonies.  The testimonies yesterday were so good I just wanted to hear even more stories about the goodness of God.  Please share- either by commenting here, or the link on Facebook.  Here is my  E-cardboard testimony:

Pregnant, over-joyed, lost the baby, devastated/ Pregnant again, fearful, another loss, more devastation/Third pregnancy, more fear, God is the giver and taker of life/Our son is 2 1/2 months old/God is Healer  

Thanks for sharing, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!