Summer Lovin'

The longer I am married to this man of mine, the more I love him.  It's hard to explain in words, but sometimes I love him so much that my stomach hurts.  I know Chuck is God's and is only my temporary companion on this earth, but I am sure thankful the Lord has loaned him to me!  We had a lovely get-away to VA Beach at the beginning of the summer.  It was a special trip as we don't often get time away, just the two of us.

  This was a fun place, though they spelled my name wrong, they did get the birth year correct!

It did rain on our beach day but that didn't stop us! Just being together with no agenda was the best. I absolutely LOVE spending time with this man. Even when we're just reading, my heart feels so content.

Dough Boys was a good time.  Their decor reminded us of our neighbor's cool van. 
Our neighbor's van back at home.  This is the kind of van we wanted to ride around in on our wedding day!  NOW we find one, 2 years later, ha!
For dessert we enjoyed ourselves at a local spot called "Skinny Dip".  Pretty fantastic frozen yogurt!

Right before we headed home.  Of course the weather was GORGEOUS the day we had to leave!  All's well that ends well, I suppose!  My summary of our time:  VACATION IS NEVER LONG ENOUGH!  =)