Looking Up

I was chatting with one of my sister-in-laws on the phone today (This is the first time ever I've counted how many SIL's I have:  4 total, with potential for several more!  That's pretty cool!), and said to her, "Things are looking up!"  The best part is, I wasn't saying it as an attempt to sound positive and so convince myself, but I truly meant it.  The phrase actually came from my heart.

A few weeks ago, I started a Beth Moore Bible study that meets at our house.  4 other girls have been coming, and I think we're all loving it.  Last night 3 of the girls stayed until 10:30pm!  We were done with the study at 9pm, but we all ended up talking, sharing, laughing, and telling stories for an extra hour and a half.  Meeting with other women and sharing our hearts has been so good for my soul.  I feel like I've grown closer to each one of them, and am so grateful God put it on my heart to start the study.

This past Sunday night was the kick-off for the new teen service at our church on Sunday nights.  It was also the first opportunity I've had to be in a teen girl's small group in over a year.  I had such a wonderful night.  It felt amazing to be back investing in the lives of teens again.  I'm already looking forward to next Sunday night.

This has been short, but hopefully sweet.  Ta ta for now!