Colors of Brokenness, by Penny Heilman

Colors of Brokenness
Penny Heilman
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A fallen leaf before its time

While others flourished green

Torn and taken from the tree

O spinning, spiraling me


Why did the others get to stay

While I was called to wither

And take my place here on the dust

Where frightening creatures slither


The view was better from up high

So clear and undisturbed

But since I’ve settled to the ground

My vision has been blurred


Rays of hope from the sun

Visit on occasion

Revealing shades I’ve never seen

Around my deep abrasion


Yet in the shadow of the wound

I cannot remain

The colors of my brokenness

Bring peace into the pain


A fallen leaf before its time

Offensive still it seems

Yet being transformed by God’s hand

O changing, colorful me



© 2012 Penny Heilman

Dandelions, by Penny Heilman

Hey All! I've asked my friend, Penny to share some of her beautiful poetry and photography with us for the next couple weeks. I met Penny through my beloved group, The Write Space which meets as a division of Infused Arts through Living Word Community Church. I'm so honored to share her artistry with you readers! Please enjoy!

Dandelions – An Acrostic Poem

Deeply rooted, faithful,

Arrive on time each year.

Never have the dandelions failed to reappear.

Does it ever make you wonder why this weed is so despised?

Every time we take its life, it only multiplies.

Little yellow wonders,

Invite us to embrace their

Overcoming power, despite the things we face.

Notice how the dandelions give way to the wind.

Standing tall, they give their all, so new life can begin.

 Penny Heilman, Copyright 2016


For Reflection:  In what ways do dandelions remind you of Jesus?

Jesus Is Love.

Heavy heart.

What is next?

So much fear.

Are my loved ones safe?

Who will be targeted next?

And why?

Why so much hate?


Hate comes from anger.

Anger comes from hurt.

Jesus came for the hurt.

Jesus came to bring peace.

Jesus came to fight for His children.

All people.


God is Love.
For God so loved every person.

Every. Person.

He gave His one son.

His only son, Jesus.

To die for every person.

To pay the penalty for our sin.

Our hate. Our bitterness. Our anger.

Jesus paid it all.
Whoever believes this.


We will not die.

We will live.

Forever in Heaven.

Because Jesus paid the price.


We don’t need to “just love”.

We need the love of Jesus first.

Then we love.

With His love.

Jesus is Love.


One Mows, One Cooks

The other night, Chuck and I rented a romance movie- it was my turn to pick. I assumed he would fall asleep, as per the norm, but he stayed wide awake. The movie ended up being painfully dumb. Very cheesy. Very unrealistic. But, it did get me thinking.

There was a scene where the newlywed wife was sitting out on the front porch gazing at the ocean. Unbeknownst to her, the husband was standing in the doorway gazing longingly at her. I turned to Chuck and said, “Nobody does that. You never just stand there and stare at me, or me at you.” We chuckled imaging ourselves doing that.

Having just celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary, my mind has been aware of love. Love between a husband and wife isn’t what it looks like in movies. It may resemble that kind of cheesiness when a couple first starts dating, or first gets married, but that kind of infatuation takes a back seat after awhile.

My younger brother just got married, and from what I hear from family, he and his new bride are just goo-goo, ga-ga over each other. The way they should be. But what about 7 years in? What does love look like after the death of a Grandmother? Or the loss of two babies? Or the loss of a job? Or when you move 5 times in 7 years? Or when kids do come along, and you’re no longer able to only be about each other?

What does love look like when physical illness hits, and doctor bills put you in debt? Or when one person adores their circumstances and the other hates them? Or when family members cause deep hurt and pain? Or when life just feels mundane- day after day, week after week, month after month?

We know from Scripture husbands should love their wives, and wives should respect their husbands, but this can be awfully difficult. Especially when one is unlovable or unrespectable. I’ve been thinking love looks like choices.

When one gets up early with the kids so the other can sleep later- Love.

When one goes on a week-long trip, and the other stays home with the kids- Love.

When one buys the other a treadmill with money they could have used for something else- Love.

When one changes another dirty diaper so the other can keep fixing dinner- Love.

When one has to work a lot over the weekend, and the other joins in- Love.

When one buys the other a cinnamon roll even though they’d prefer a cookie- Love.

When one stops at the store to pick up milk so the other one doesn’t have to go out- Love.

When one does the dishes so the other one can just chill- Love.

When one washes all the clothes while the other works on the taxes- Love.

When one apologizes, and asks forgiveness- Love.

When one surprises the other by filling the car up with gas- Love.
When one keeps an opinion to themselves so the other isn't hurt- Love.

When one listens while the other one shares their heart- Love.

When one cries while the other one holds them close- Love.

When one cuts the grass while the other one makes dinner- Love.

When one buys the other one a drink from Starbucks- Love.

When one stays up later to check on the kids while the other takes the dog out- Love.

 So even though we don't typically stare at each other with longing, cheesy gazes, we do choose. Thanks for being by my side, Babe. Thanks for choosing Love.