I had my first ultrasound yesterday! It's a BOY! Not really. A common myth about ultrasounds is that they are used mostly for pregnancy. That was news to me. Apparently they are used mostly for OTHER tests, like mine.

I actually thoroughly enjoyed my first ultrasound! I never thought I'd be having one until the possibility of a human being inside me came about. None the less, it felt nice. Basically a twenty minute massage of sorts. Not bad.

I got a little nervous because the lady stayed on my right side for an awfully long time. I had a moment of "Ohmyword. Does she see something awful?!" No sense worrying. I'll find out soon enough.

Yesterday also brought on a new symptom that actually proved quite frightening to me. More so because it proved to me that something more serious IS going on with my body. Another great reason why going to the specialist is essential. Not to mention getting the colonoscopy next week. I feel like I am 88 years old, instead of in my YOUNG (That's right Jamie.) twenties.

Working 6 days a week, being responsible for a baby 9 hours a day M-F, being on my feet at Sbux 5 nights/times a week is really taking it's toll on me. I feel tired. I feel cranky. I feel exhausted emotionally and physically. This whole health ordeal is definitely more of a stress weighing on me then I care to realize or admit.

Yes, there is a bright side! There always is! But today I don't feel like it. Today, I just feel like being honest.


I am the worst Nanny on the planet! Maybe not as obnoxious as Fran, but I bet Fran never put the baby down for a nap at 8:45 AM, decided to take a little nap herself and slept until NOON! Thank goodness the babe was playing happily in his crib! I hope he doesn't hold that against me for the rest of our lives...

Hello Issues

It's been about 6 years. Yes, it's true. My stomach issues have prevailed and actually worsened over the last several years. I've always chalked it up to being good 'ol lactose intolerant, but that never explained why I still struggled even when I did not consume dairy products.

I've tried every thing under the sun to figure out what exactly is wrong with me!

-given up most dairy
-given up ALL dairy
-gone on the cleanse (Anyone remember THAT phase?! Oh have mercy on my soul! Poor Tara had to drag me to Urgent Care! At least I got to fall in love with Gilmore Girls then!)
-drove at least twice a week for an HOUR each time to see the Chiropractor
-given up wheat
-given up flour
-given up gluten
-given up sugar
-given up EVERY THING! (Boy do I miss my lattes.)
-taken probiotics

You get the picture. So, the time has come for me to buckle down and actually see a specialist. I did not even KNOW a specialist existed for my issues! Heck, I honestly thought I was actually normal, not realizing what I go through isn't normal!

Basically after my first visit, I was bombarded with a massive list of tests that have to be done! I'm sure my colonoscopy blog will be an absolute HOOT. Yippy Skippy! I tell ya...

Anyway. Today was Day 1. I had my blood work done! My sweet boy took me and of course made it fun! As we were walking back to the room, he decides to loudly proclaim to the others waiting their turn, "I wonder if it's a boy or a girl?!" I definitely hit him, but couldn't help but laugh! What a stinkin' goon!

I'm glad Day 1 is done! Day 2 will be an ultrasound...very weird. Very weird! I have no doubt interesting stories will follow....


Whoa! Thanks to all of you who have been praying for Chuck (and for me!). Pretty sure I was way more worried/concerned then he was. He's just thrilled that he's getting released soon, and that the Dr. approved him to go back snowboarding Feb. 7. (No comment.)

His CAT scan came back OK, so praise the LORD!!Thanks so much for praying!

Chuck and Jon have a two hour drive back this afternoon, so hopefully that will go well.


Thanks again!!


Well, this isn't exaclty the blog I was hoping to write tonight, but Chuck's CAT scan came back showing bleeding on his brain. They are obviously concerned and are keeping him overnight to do more CAT scans in the morning.

From Chuck's perspective, he went up about 10 feet in the air over a jump, and doesn't remember anything until he woke up in the hospital. His face is scratched up, his limbs are sore, but he's already talking about the "next time" he goes. (This does not make a girlfriend happy.)

Thankfully, my drive home went well, thanks for praying!!Please keep PRAYING for Chuck, as bleeding on the brain is NEVER good news...

Pray for Chuck!

So I just got a call from a good friend of Chuck's (boyfriend Chuck, not MN Chuck!) saying Chuck was being taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital. No one wants to get a call like that. My heart is racing, and I'm trying not to be the freak-out, worried girlfriend. Jon says Chuck should be fine, but that he mostly likely has a concussion from a snowboarding accident today. Please pray for him! Those are the only details I have right now.

Also, I have been in NJ for the past couple of days and ended up getting very sick. I am about to drive back home right now and would appreciate your prayers for that as well. I am still weak, and am now obviously quite shaken by the news about Chuck.

Please PRAY, and I will keep you posted as I know updates!!



I thought today would be a great day to introduce my significant other (Chuck!) to my blog world! Starting at midnight last night, he has made my special day more sweet and wonderful then I ever thought possible!
I woke up this morning and the celebrating only continued! The first image I saw when I opened my bedroom door was this man holding lil baby Chail in his arms! Of course I turned right back around to hide my messy hair, frumpy pj's and groggy eyes, but alas, he didn't mind after all!
Luke 'n Trisha gave me a darling present and card, hugs all around and they were off to school. After getting the baby dressed for the day the three of us headed downstairs, only to encounter a half a dozen pink and yellow roses, a card, beautifully wrapped present, and homemade breakfast, all for me! I was stunned! Just stunned!
I could write more, but I don't want to appear sappy and annoying (OK, I know I am, but I just can't help it people!). I am just so honored and humbled to be in a relationship with this man that I can't help but gush and share about him with you!
THANK YOU to YOU my fabulous boyfriend!
And THANK YOU to all of you who have written sweet Facebook notes, texts, cards, and calls! It all means so much to me!
I am a VERY BLESSED woman!


I finally got tagged in a 6th album/6th picture post! I'll admit I was beginning to feel a little left out! Chuck, you made my day with your Waveland pictures AND with tagging me! Thanks friend! =)

Unfortunately, I have already posted this picture on my blog. I confess this makes for a boring post, but I had to follow the rules!

I will say I feel as if I am leaving Christmas behind now, and moving forward. I am enjoying this feeling. I have been enjoying moving into 2009. I heard a wicked powerful message this morning. It was one of those messages where you know God is speaking directly to YOU (me) and probably no one else in the room! I could barely keep it together as I sat there stunned at the TRUTH God was so clearly speaking to my heart, to my soul. I am determined to REACH forward, TRUST God with my future, and bury those things that need to be buried.

My 2009 year began on the beach, ocean crashing, stars bright, close to a very special friend ;), hearing other friends share about the goodness of our God, and I am certain the year is only going to get better from there...

After all, I am a firm believer in the MAGIC of the beach...