Quiet Season

Chuck and I are entering a new season. Just as we got into the groove of our 3 and (almost) 2 year old, the routines are changing. Jase has dropped his nap, which has put a huge wrench in the system. Going from about 21 hours of napping a week to NONE has left me feeling slightly crazy. It has even made me angry at times. I used to live for naps. I'd survive until naps. I'd hang on until naps. I never realized I had about 21 hours of "free" time a week, and now that it's gone I feel like I'm always falling and don't get to land until bedtime. Oh alone time! How I long for you!

God has been speaking to me through a number of conversations lately. It has become obvious He is leading me into a quiet season. An unplugged season. A season where I get to journal my thoughts and experiences before God alone. This is a season where my intentionality as a mother is kicking into a higher gear. God has gently made me aware of where I've been disengaged with my family, and how I need to shift my focus. 

I’ve been striving hard to find my gifting, my calling, my purpose, etc. It’s been a heavy thought on my heart as I’ve tried to figure it out- whether writing, speaking, both, or something altogether different. What God has made clear is my calling to Mother my son and daughter with complete focus and tenacity. It’s time to let go of a few things I’ve been able to regularly accomplish during nap time, one of them being this blog.

I am not shutting down the blog, just stepping back from the grind of writing every week. I hope to still pop up a post here and there like I used to, but without that weekly pressure. Wherever God wants to lead me is where I’ll go! For now, this road right here is looking pretty lovely...

Happy New Year!