Sunday Evening Blues??

Last Sunday afternoon I went out for coffee with some new girlfriends. They were both saying they had "The Sunday Night Blues". Both had to go back to work the next morning and confessed to feeling down about the weekend coming to a close. I didn't say much at the time, but I went home and declared to Chuck, "I don't have the Sunday night blues!" (said with a major grin on my face!)

I really love my life! I love my day-to-day routine. Since I started watching Samuel 2 days a week, there has been some adjusting, but I think the kinks are being worked out quite nicely. Watching Samuel is a blessing! It's nice to have a little friend hangin' with me for 2 days!

So on this Sunday evening, I do not write with blues, I write with...purples! (I had to choose a different color, so I picked my favorite one!) Chuck is scurrying around working on his To Do List (NOT a honey-do, his OWN, thank you very much!) so I feel the urge to write!

Our weekend has been full of each other. It started off with my husband walking in the door on Friday after work with 10, gorgeous, red roses just for me! ("The Perfect 10" they were called.) He proclaimed, "Happy Date Night!" We had been given a giftcard to The Cheesecake Factory, along with a gift from a friend so we were able to have our FIRST restaurant date since our honeymoon! Praise God!

Afterwards we went for a stroll around the lake where Chuck proposed to me just a little over 7 months ago! (Ha! Feel free to laugh! It's just mind-boggling how God has brought us together in such a little amount of time!) We sat on "our" bench and reminisced about that night. We snuggled on our bench and gazed at "our" beautifully lit up fountain shinning so prettily against the dark of the evening. It was just one of those perfect moments in time where all is well.

On Saturday we were honored to attend the wedding of Chuck's good friend, Tony to his bride, Jennifer. What a gorgeous day it was for a wedding! Everything was beautiful! We had a wonderful time seeing friends, catching up with people, and enjoying the huge Chinese feast they served us!

The rest of the weekend we have been able to JUST BE. Relaxing on our new couch, taking naps together, eating yummy meals, taking walks, talking, reading, going to our church, laughing, and being the happy couple God has joined us together to be!

Sunday night blues? Nah! I got my Babe by my side and a brand new episode of Alias to attend to! =)