if you're reading this- thank you!

just want to ask you to please pray for my leg! i have had a pulled muscle for over a week now- and it's still pretty painful, even just when i am walking. i am on my feet all day at work- constantly running around. i wouldn't mind so much, but my HALF MARATHON is on saturday- this saturday, june 2. like in a few days from now. i have been training for this race since the fall. needless to say, i have put my whole heart into this training. i can't imagine not running on saturday-

so i am asking if you would please pray for God to heal my leg! i am pretty much freaking out at this point- i'll keep ya posted!


it's been a rather eventful week. not one of those "ohmygosh. so much is going on, i'm so excited!" weeks, but more like- an odd chain of events that i would never have expected to come about since last week.

i got offered an amazing job, with amazing opportunities, was super excited about it, thought i was going to quit my job- and the next thing i know, i can't take it. the job couldn't work out for me because of pay and insurance. i was super disappointed. when i finally told my future bosses that i couldn't take it, i ended up feeling relieved. it made me feel like- yes, there is hope out there for me, and God has it waiting just around the corner.

this situation awakened me to new things at my current job. i think i am going to make some pretty significant changes to my current situation that will really shock some people. i am anxious about this, but am going to continue to pray about it until monday. then we'll see. i am thankful for my job. God has taken care of me by using a truly wonderful company. for that, i am grateful.

there is one mystery in my life that is driving me nuts, but alas- there is nothing i can do. it remains hidden, locked up, maybe never to be discovered- but i will be OK with that. again, i fully trust God's dreams for me. yeah, they're bigger then my own. better then my own. i'll let mine go, if necessary. it's just hard to decipher which is my dream, and which is His- or are they the same?

i hit up PF Chang's with one of my best friends. we ate like it was our last meal. mostly, i loved it because we laughed, and laughed. we chatted the night away- and had an old, comfortable time. just like my favorite, old pair of jeans. you know the feeling.

it's good to be back in MN. it took me awhile, but i am happy. my family at The Country Inn is something i never want to take for granted. i am blessed beyond blessed.

who knows what God has up His sleeve for me, maybe even tonight?

Go Lynx! :)

Full Time Job

running, it seems, has turned into a full-time job. i never realized how time-consuming this whole running/training for a half marathon thing would be. it takes: stretching, the actual run (anywhere from 1-2 hours now!) more stretching, another shower, certain eating patterns that are hard to get the timing down, and then lots of rest is needed- but that's the part i seem to miss out on.

i miss writing. i miss drumming. i feel like i am being disloyal to these two passions as i pursue this new hobby of running more hard core. only about 5 more weeks of training, and then the race. i know it will be well worth the fight. i am really amazed at how far God has brought me through this- makes me feel like i can accomplish anything! i would recommend it to anyone- just make sure you're ready to make it your full-time job!