Celebrate Good Times!

Come on! ;)

A couple week ago Luke drove up with the boys, spent the night, and then I rode up with them to PA.  A 4 1/2 hour trip turned into about 6 hours due to the joys of traffic, detours, and a cranky baby.  But, the rocky journey was quickly forgotten when we pulled into our beloved home town of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania!  We had been planning a huge surprise for my Dad for weeks.

He just became the lead Pastor at my home church, and he is the happiest version of his fullest self.  After a tough couple of years, this is a welcomed dream position for my parents.  Heritage (the church) threw my Dad a celebration service at the beginning of October, so us kids really wanted to be there for him.  Dad knew Chuck and I were coming, but he thought we would both be arriving on Sunday evening.  He had no idea Luke, Chail, Rocky, and John Mark were coming, too!

The day Luke and I arrived with the boys is a day I will hold dear for a long, long time.  My Mom and I were texting like crazy to figure out the best place to show up.  It's no secret that Dad would be MOST excited about his grand babies, not his children.  ;)  We decided to go straight to the church where my Mom and Dad were doing some errands. I texted her when we arrived and she came running out to open the door.  She ecstatically whispered, "Hurry, hurry!  He's in his office!"  So we pushed the boys ahead of us and when my Dad turned the corner, the scene was enough to move anyone with a heart to tears.

My Dad was so shocked and so happy all at once that he just crouched down to embrace Chail and Rocky while his tears got the best of him...and my Mom, and me.

Notice Gigi recording the scene
Our time together as a family flew by!  With lots of family and friends around, I always wish time could stand still.  There is no place in all the world where I feel as restful, peaceful, and happy as I do in good 'ol CS.

Grandpa and Gigi taking it all in
Me and my Little Love

Me and my Little Shweetie

Cakes surprising Dad!

Celebration service- My husband praying for my Dad!

Our little Pixie Grammy

LOTS of laughs with Aunt Cynth and Kayla

Date with the Rents
Down time with Daddy
Cakes thinks he's so funny...I'm really not drunk in this picture!
We laughed, we cried, we celebrated....a good time was had by all!