ah girls...

there is a dude at work who is constantly mocking me because "so many people" love me. sometimes i think he's making fun of me, and sometimes i think he thinks it's weird, and sometimes i think he's envious.
it's true though- i am just engulfed, really, by people who love me. i have so many people who are near and dear to me. i am ridiculed for having multiple "best friends", but God has placed so many special people in my life and friends who have made such an impact on my life, that i can't possibly narrow it down.
tonight, i am just in awe of the God-sent women in my life. sisters, really. women who have stuck it out with me- through the muck and mire, through the silver and gold, through the rough and ragged, through the sparkles and glitter- i am loved just the way i am. for me, nothing more- nothing less. i don't think there's a better gift that God could bestow upon me. the gift of surrounding me with His love, and His love with such enormity through others in my life. i am more then blessed, more then grateful- tonight i just want to express my sheer gratitude and thankfulness to the magical girls in my life...

Totally Stoked!

so my new favorite band is coming to our very own St. Paul- macalester college next wed. night the 28th at 8 pm. yeah, AG Silver! i personally can not wait, and i know several others are in the same boat as me. although, i must say i'm a bit disappointed that it's only half of their band...but it'll still be a sweet show, i'm sure! for those of you who care (you know who you are) this is what i believe you like to call an "indie" band, and no- they're not from india. so come on friends- (and i am talking to more then just lisa!) it'll be a rockin' good time.


sorry about that...i actually had 16 "loves" and didn't know it!! i think i fixed things to my liking now. please try to leave a comment and see if it lets you without my approval...more to come. i am going to class, had drums last night, and that ALWAYS leaves me with a TON to say!

where's the love?

"where's the love? it's not enough!" anyone? anyone out there remember that Hanson cd? you know- from "the middle of nowhere" album. it also hosted that oh-so-amazing "mmmmmbop song."
so i've gone for three blogs in a row now with ZERO comments. not 1. so i ask, where's the love people??
i went outside today, and thought i was in Heaven. THE WEATHER IS WARM! i almost died. i can not adequately express my joy and delight at such a gift. it brings such happiness to my heart that i can not explain.
the sad thing is: it was 30 degrees and i could still see my breath. what has happened to me that i believe still freezing temperatures to be WARM?! oh well- i don't care. i'll take it!

This Is Love

I have searched you and I know you.
you are wonderful.
I created your inmost being.
I have arranged you in The Body just where I want you.
this is love.
not that you loved me.
but that I love you.
daughter, you are loved.
daughter, you are valuable.
daughter, you are treasured.
daughter, I cherish you.
perfect love casts out fear.
you are beautiful.
daughter, I love you!


oh happy valentines day to everyone! i love this holiday. ahhh...a day to celebrate the people you love- give gifts, get gifts (whoo-hoo!:) and share your heart with anyone that you encounter. all day at starbucks this morning, people kept telling me, "happy valentines day"! so sweet! the first thing my fellow opening "partner" said to me this morning was, "happy valentines day!"- at 6:30 am, that's especially sweet. it made my morning. i just don't recall the "world" around me caring all that much about this special day, but today, they cared. i got to make up adorable little cupcake packs for people, and it's so fun to give them out. there's just something about a cupcake...

ahhh...i have such sweet memories from valentines days gone by- the best being from my "forever valentine". one of my dearest friends since i was like 15. i am blessed.

so, today- if you're reading this: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! i probably love you, and i'd probably want you to know. :)

what to do?

i am writing mostly because i am really sick of my last blog entry! i had to write a new one. the depth of my thoughts are so deep right now, it leaves me with really nothing to say. too much going on, and no words to describe it all...

Notting Hill

is thee best soundtrack ever. hands down, my favorite. it was the cd that one of my best friends and i listened to over and over and over on vacation one summer. we were so missing our boys who were not with us at the beach. looking back, it was quite silly of us, but that's what you do when you're young. and it's the best feeling ever. being with a best friend- at the beach, talking about the boys, speculating about them, about our future, always day dreaming and scheeming. back then, things were...what were they? innocent. naiive. i miss those days. i miss my friend. life has a way of changing things- i miss the innocense of my 17-year-old heart.

i listen to that same soundtrack tonight- i am older. wiser. smarter. i have lived a lot since then. i certainly don't want to be 17 again, but it's nice to visit. back then, i had the world at my fingertips- and ya know what? i still do.