God has flung the doors of writing opportunity wide open for me in the last several months. Baptist Bible College (my Alma Mater, yay class of 2004!) has recently developed a teen E-magazine that just came out yesterday. I had the privilege of writing an article for them.  I guess they liked me because I am now going to be published monthly by iMPACT.   If interested, you can check out the magazine here:

iMPACT is looking for feedback on their first edition.  There is a "comment" button that you can click on at the top right corner of each page.  Please feel free to share any insight, helpful suggestions, or positive feedback that you have.  It would be extra great if any TEENS out there could check it out!

I'm super excited!


It's been mentioned before, but now I can finally post the real, live version of my first published article in a magazine since being a Dubbe. I praise God for absolutely amazing opportunities! (Published in the May/June 2010 issue of The Baptist Bulletin)

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Highlights of the Week

~ Hearing my Grandma tell me she's proud of me

~ Chuck and I attending our first ever marriage conference

~ Watching "Chocolat" and both enjoying it

~ Having a sister-in-law who is a nurse practitioner

~ Chuck confiding in his sister

~ Talking to my Mama on Mother's Day

~ Talking to both of my Grandmother's on Mother's Day

~ Receiving a gerbera  daisy after our church service

~ An unexpected steak cook-out with new friends

~ Awesome leftovers!

~ Responding to God's leading

~ Hearing about the new SOY 1/2 price Frappuccino's

~ Receiving a surprise $10 in the mail

~ Roomie and Craig visiting from England

~ A wonderful Shepherd Group

~ Being published!

~ Being contacted to write an article for June, and being able to interview one of my best friends in the process

~ Going out to eat at Cafesano's with my hubs

~ Getting my first sunburn of the season

Welcome Babe!

My Beloved has started a new blog!  He's actually had the address for awhile, but hadn't kept up with it. He spent the majority of his blog time working on the youth blog from his last church.  Now Chuck's own personal blog is up and running.  Pay him a visit, leave a comment, and make his day!  =)