i can't even handle how much this picture warms my heart! (thanks chuck!)


i've been told that i feel life deeply. i took that as a compliment. a high compliment. but some times, i wish i didn't feel things so deeply. ok. i just thought about that. i'd be a really mean person if i didn't feel deeply. i love deeply. i get attached to people. i get attached to things. every thing, every person in my life means some thing to me. i even get attached to ideas and have a hard time of even letting ideas go. all that to say: i am on the fence, and still have not made a decision.

oh yeah. and i did not yet say what i need to say. it's because i am not sure if i need to say it or not. the word "need" plays a big role in the phrase. i have to think through if i "need" to say it, or if i don't "need" to say it.

weird blog.


some times i don't know if i should say what i need to say- or keep my heart shut for fear of having what i say thrown right back at me. my theme for the year is proving more difficult then i had originally anticipated.

my car is dirty. this really bothers me. tomorrow at this time, she will be sparklier then sparkley. i still really REALLY miss my liberty. really.

what what?

there are a million flat screen tv's at the gym. i can watch them, but i can not hear them. they all have radio station #'s under them. i realize this means i have to have a radio to tune into that station to be able to hear that tv. what i do not realize is what can i buy so i can tune into that station so i can hear the tv's?? and where can i buy this object? and how much will it cost me?

also, my ipod says "do not disconnect"- but my itunes will NOT work so i have no way of disconnecting the ipod besides just unplugging it, which i know is bad news. any help out there? guess i'll leave my computer on until some one has an answer...

happy easter!

i really love speckled jelly bird (which all actually fly south for the winter) egg jelly beans. and NOT the spiced kind. i also love cadbury creme eggs with a passion. i love peeps that are stale, and i prefer the bunny kind because i like biting off the ears. shoot. i didn't get any peeps this year. i love watching little girls in church wearing their adorable, sleeveless, summer easter dresses with new white sandals, even though it's 27 degree's out and snowing. i love watching a girl in her new easter dress chasing her dog down the sidewalk, in the snow, and seeing her brother biff in his new easter pants. i love planting flowers with two precious girls. i love that i am truly alive because Jesus is truly alive.


just wanted to say hi to anyone out there...