Housing & Such

Well I'm sad to say our laptop has died. Chuck has been working on it for weeks, but it continues to struggle. I can't blog from my phone, but Chuck brought home an iPad from work so here we are. I have to say, if given the opportunity, I would not purchase an iPad. Regardless, I am thankful for the one I am able to use!

This post will be short. Jase is at a phase that if I'm talking on the phone or using a laptop he decides to misbehave or climb all over me. But thought I'd give an update.

A week and a half ago we put in an offer on a house- this is third house we've tried to buy! But hopefully the third times a charm. Plus this house has been my favorite out of the three. The only hurdle is that this particular house is a short sale so the bank doesn't have to respond to us for up to 90 days. They can respond earlier than that, but it's not required. We are praying BIG and asking God to move and have the bank respond this week! Chuck is heading over there for the inspection later today. We would just love to hear back from the bank before the inspection! Our lease ends at the end of next month, so having our own house to move into would be an incredible blessing.

Currently the kids are healthy, and I am grateful. We had a bought of hand, foot, and mouth in the house so it was rough for a week or so. Who knew you could get disgusting illnesses at the pool?!

I finished my Name of God writing project I've been working towards for the last 6 months. It will be part of a large art exhibit that will be displayed at our church during September and October.  After that the exhibit will (hopefully!) be moved to other venues around the city. We had a meeting last night, and it was really beautiful to come together as artists and celebrate each other's work. God loves to use His children to create!

I took some pictures with this iPad, but I can't figure out how to post them. Sigh. Jase is about to turn 2 (sniff, sniff) in a couple weeks, and Basye turned 7 months yesterday (more sniffing!).

Well currently Basye is crawling through her spit up and dragging it across the floor while Jase is driving a tractor through it. Guess it's time to move on!