I've only been able to attend services with our new church community a few times, and it's been a hard transition for me.   But the service yesterday was quite different. Chuck and I are learning that LWCC has many pretty cool traditions during the holiday season.  Yesterday was their annual Thanksgiving service which included "Cardboard Testimonies".  I have seen this type of testimony before and found it extremely moving.  Yesterday was no different.  Our wonderful, dear friends Ben and Jess visited us for the weekend so they were watching the testimonies with me.   The three of us were a crying mess together.

I was VERY encouraged and VERY inspired by the vulnerability and courage of the people who shared.  I began thinking of my own cardboard testimonies in my head.  It really got my mind kicked into high gear  for this week of Thankfulness.  It also got me thinking about all the family and friends I have and all the good ways God is working in all of us.  Even in the MIDST of painful seasons, which Chuck and I find ourselves in,  God is good.

So I would like to ask you, friend or stranger, what is your E-version cardboard testimony?  I think you'll be encouraged if you watch this video (Click to watch) or even if you watch just a couple of these testimonies.  The testimonies yesterday were so good I just wanted to hear even more stories about the goodness of God.  Please share- either by commenting here, or the link on Facebook.  Here is my  E-cardboard testimony:

Pregnant, over-joyed, lost the baby, devastated/ Pregnant again, fearful, another loss, more devastation/Third pregnancy, more fear, God is the giver and taker of life/Our son is 2 1/2 months old/God is Healer  

Thanks for sharing, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

One Week Old

Our little "Healer, strong man, born of God" is one week old today!  I absolutely love the meaning of Jase's full name.  God has used this boy to bring healing to our hearts since the moment we found out we were pregnant with him.  I look at him and marvel at how he got here.  Only by a miracle from God.  Jase is a miracle!

I am working on writing out our labor and delivery story in my own private journal.  Strangely, my right hand and arm has been going numb off and on since the end of pregnancy and has gotten worse since giving birth.  A nurse told me that is a normal side effect, but it sure limits my journaling.  I hope to be able to write a little bit of the story on here at some point, but we'll see.  I'm trying not to pressure myself into anything these days.  Chuck and I are facing a ton of pressure with all the changes we have going on and really have to work at being at peace on a daily basis.

Today I want to give glory to God for the most special boy we've ever known who has come into our lives.  On the day of Jase's birth, Chuck posted this verse and I absolutely LOVE it.  Psalm 118:23, "This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."  That is how we view the birth of our precious son.  ALL glory, and thanks, and praise to God our Father.  Never have I known such intimacy with God as I did going through labor.  No one could help me at certain points, but I always had the strength of God in a way I didn't know possible.  (I believe God definitely included the pain meds and epidural to help me!)

I'll never forgot the first time someone handed me my firstborn son.  I don't even know who it was, I just remember the feel of him.  I remember the tears of gratitude for the miracle God had done through Chuck and I.  I remember the relief that he had arrived, and that the laboring was over.  I remember his warmth, his softness, and his little nose.  I'm crying as I type because I still can't believe Jase is here.  This is one of the most precious pictures I will ever know.  I know I will treasure it for the rest of my life.  SO thankful for a husband who was a champ at taking pictures!  

This is one of the other most precious pictures I will ever know.  When my Love got to meet and hold our son for the very first time.  (Yep, that's the proud Grandpa texting everyone he knows in the background!)

And finally, our first family picture!

I better close this post- don't want to lose power.  It's storming like crazy here- thunder, hail, wind, rain- Jovie and I are freaked out, but at least Jase is sleeping like it's no big deal.  ;)

Happy 1 Week Birthday to my little punky, Jase Charleson Amos Dubbe.

A couple days old
1 Week Old- has gained 7 oz. since we left the hospital! =)


There is so much happening, but my body has put on the brakes in the last few days and I feel like my energy has completely halted.  It's sapped.  Gone.  I was in the middle of my shower today, and just had to bend over to catch my breath.  I know, I know- showering is so difficult.  Yesterday I got up at 10am, had several naps, then went to bed by 11pm only to sleep until 10am again.  Granted, I did wake up at 3am with some contractions for an hour, but nothing to report.  After a bowl of cereal I was good to go.  And so we keep plugging along.  Or not plugging along- it's more like... and so we keep sitting on the couch....

And the winner is...

House B!

Thank you for all of your thoughts and suggestions.  I had so much FUN reading your comments.  Today we paid the deposit on our favorite choice.  It's a little disconcerting because the house will not be available until September 13.  =(  Yikes.  Either baby will be coming at any second while Chuck is trying to move our stuff up from VA, or baby will already be here.  Lord, please don't let my man miss the labor and delivery!  We are trusting God one day at a time with this incredibly strange timing.  On Sunday I was quite encouraged by a family friend who said, "God's timing is ALWAYS perfect."  We just keep reminding ourselves of that.  Especially when Chuck and I are apart a couple days each week (for his new job) when I am just weeks (days?) away from delivering.  I don't enjoy this uncertainty that hangs over our heads at all times, but I AM enjoying life, enjoying God, and enjoying the daily blessings He pours out on us.

I am thankful. Chuck and I have MUCH to be thankful for.  We love our OB doctor up here.  We love that my parents have opened their home to us for so long.  We love that Chuck is loving his new job.  We love the thought of moving into our new house next month.  We love how God provides abundantly for each and every need.  Most importantly we are so in love with our son!  We love his wildness- his twists and turns, his kicks and punches.  We are crazy about his little 4D pictures- his adorable nose and lips.  We are thankful to God for Baby Boy's health, and for my health.  We are continually in awe of the miracle God has done in providing us with a son.

So much thankfulness.  Here are some more pictures of Exhibit B, along with the view that we'll have from the front/side of the house.

  Lastly, Chuck and I have found a fun little place in York.  It seems to be a doughnut chain, and I have been loving doughnuts lately.  We stopped one day while we were visiting and were not disappointed.  Not sure what the locals think, but we were pretty happy!

Housing Dilemmas

Welcome to our housing dilemma.  Now that Chuck has a job, we are moving forward full blast in trying to find a rental home.  We have put holds on two different houses, and are torn between them.  It's really hard to know what the wisest decision is when we don't know the area at all.  We're both leaning towards one, but I'll try not to give it away.  Truth be told I'm really writing this post to process my own thoughts about these two houses, but feel free to weigh in.




Exhibit A.  This house was our first love.  After visiting several properties, we kept going back to this one in our minds.  We actually visited it twice, took a tour of the model home, and were really excited about it.

-I could not walk anywhere besides the development because it's surrounded by corn fields
-Jovie (dogs) is not allowed to be on the walking trail/park behind the house: that's a major reason why I walk
-With only one car, I'd feel stuck out there unless I drove Chuck to work:  not ideal with a newborn
-Awkward and small living room/kitchen/eating space
-No glass stove top
-Deck is ground level, but there's no way to leave the deck: kindof like being caged in
-Steps up to front door
-Not as warm and inviting of a community
-No amenities
-Strict painting policies
-A little bit more money than Exhibit B

~Open concept kitchen/living room/eating space
~Laundry room upstairs
~Own master bathroom
~Full basement (unfinished)
~End unit
~Gorgeous view
~No one can just walk up to the back door: deck off the ground
~Side window, extra lighting
~Extra yard space on the side for Jovie
~Community park and playground within walking distance
~Available soon
~Get stuff settled before baby arrives
~All light carpet- no wood floors
~Our first love



 Exhibit B.  We happened upon this place driving away from Exhibit A where we had already paid for a hold.  We had originally thought it was out of our price range, but stopped by anyway.  It was quite a surprise to learn about their community and prices.

-Not an end unit
-A crammed community of houses
-View is houses all around
-Garage takes away from front lighting
-Anyone could walk right up to our backdoor at anytime
-No basement
-No laundry room, just a laundry closet
-Smaller master bedroom
-Not available until after the baby is born
-Could not get anything in the house settled until after his birth
-No private patio, small patio space

~No front entry stairs
~Great living room/eating area/kitchen space
~Glass top stove
~Bigger living room, normal shape
~Garage is 4 feet bigger
~Laundry upstairs
~Nice master shower, and no tub to clean
~Playground behind the house
~Short and wide, not tall and skinny
~Doggie stations/welcome dog community
~Waking distance to the grocery store
~Walking distance to DUNKIN!
~Free work out room
~Near a gym for Chuck
~Free pool
~Stone exterior, front yard with a tree and bushes
~Closer to LWCC: easier for me to drive Chuck to work if I need the car
~All light carpet, no wood floors
~A little bit cheaper

I'm sure I'm missing some pros and cons on all lists, but for now that about sums it up.  We're open to any thoughts and opinions.  Hopefully we'll have the big reveal sooner than later!

A New Chapter Begins

What a journey it has been!  And what a journey it continues to be.  We want to thank you for joining with us in so many different ways.  Thank you for your outpouring of love and care for us over this past year, and thank you so much for praying us through this. 

Earlier today, Chuck accepted the role as Sr. High Director at Living Word Community Church in York, PA.(

There are some complicated factors that need to be worked out, so if you're still interested in praying for us, we would love that!  Mainly, we have decided it would be best to deliver Baby Boy here in Scranton.  He is due in 5 weeks, so for at least the next month and a half Chuck will be doing a commuting type situation.  We have spent a load of time looking for housing, but are still asking God for wisdom about this.  In the meantime, our stuff (including some items we need for Baby) remains in VA.  Chuck will most likely stay with someone in the church when he's down in York, and we will just have to borrow some baby items until we can get our own stuff back again.   

We feel like we should be bouncing off the walls with excitement but honestly, we are just overwhelmed and still trying to process all of this.  One of the guys from LWCC mentioned three of the most stressful situations in life are having a baby, moving, or starting a new job.  I think we are feeling the effects of all three.  Of course we are thankful, though. 

Thought we'd show this humorous picture.  We took it in the "back yard" of one of the rental places we looked at.  We never would have imagined ourselves anywhere near a corn field, but there you have it. 

Thank you again for praying- all honor and thanks to God!


(Written yesterday, Monday.  Didn't feel like changing the tenses to fit today. =)

Yesterday Chuck asked if I wanted to take Jovie to the dog park we had heard about.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous (low 70's, no humidity!) so we were anxious to get out.  I was so impressed by the beautiful dog park Clarks Summit had to offer.  Wow!  It was a huge grassy area and Jovie had the time of her life.  We were thrilled as puppy parents because the dog parks we're used to are usually just dirt or rocks.  When we've taken her to those types of places she comes home gritty and filthy, and so do we.  This place was just so beautiful and serene!

I wish I had brought our new, fancy camera, but the IPhone worked OK.  Hopefully you can catch a glimpse of the gorgeous sky with the mountains and sunset in the background.  Growing up I didn't think much about living in a place surrounded by mountains, but it really is so beautiful here.  I kept staring into the distance feeling so thankful for such a gorgeous night with my man, son, and favorite puppy.  God really pours out His blessings in the most unexpected ways!

If you look real hard you can see the beast.

In love.

My #1 Man (a good friend reminded me of this recently!) 

While we were there, I noticed there was a children's playground area as well.  One of my dearest friends since high school, Katie, and I decided to take her kids (and Jovie) to a park today so we checked out the one I saw last night.  Of course we stopped at Starbucks on the way to the playground, and stopped for lunch on the way home.  The weather has still be unbelievably beautiful today and we had a wonderful time!  There is nothing quite like spending time with a practically life long friend while sipping Chai and Mocha's.

Little Garrett wanted to take a picture with me- so precious!  Gavin was too busy running around to notice picture time.  Such sweet boys!


For the past two weeks I've been able to volunteer at TLC (Teen Leadership Conference: my college-BBC- puts it on every summer).  For years my Dad directed TLC, so it's been apart of our family since I was in Jr. High.  It was so much fun for me to be able to help with registration, and to sit at the help desk during the conferences.  I got to see many old friends, and make some new ones, too.  Plus it gave me something to do every day to change up my pretty boring life routine around here.  And to top it off, whenever I volunteered a shift, Chuck and I got to eat a meal there.  That means I've had to do a whole lot less cooking and grocery shopping, which has been amazing.

Because I spent a lot of time on campus, including attending some sessions and hearing some good speakers, regular life stuff hasn't happened too much.  Today has been a great day of doing productive things.  For starters, Chuck and I took Jovie on her walk.  Although, I realized every time Chuck goes walking with us I get a sharp pain in my side.  We think it's because his pace is much faster than mine.  When I walk the other days of the week, I am usually fine.  The kid has crazy long legs.  By the way, at our last ultrasound, the tech mentioned Baby Boy has long legs, too.  How cute is that?  He's like his Daddy already.  

I also made a new banana bread recipe which my Aunt Keren shared.  I like it because it's made with very little flour, and uses oatmeal.  Not that is matters all that much considering the butter and sugar, ha!  I just LOVE all things banana!  I've been into making my own banana, peanut butter, and almond milk smoothies lately- divine.  And yesterday at BBC, Chuck and I shared a bowl of banana ice cream- heavenly.

While the bb was baking, I made a new broccoli soup recipe from scratch.  I really liked it because it obviously includes a lot of fresh broccoli, but also onion and celery for more vegetables.  Once it all cooled, the recipe called for adding Greek yogurt for a creamy effect, and pureeing it.  I like thick soup, so I'm excited to try it.  Both recipes from today are for our lunch tomorrow.  I'm tired of dreading making lunch after church on Sundays, so I decided to make the meal ahead of time.  More relaxing for tomorrow.

I also scrubbed the bath tub, and dusted the upstairs.  My parents get back from vacation on Monday, so I want them to arrive at a clean, fresh house.  Chuck mowed the yard, and the smell wafting in the windows is so nice.  He's been tackling his own To Do list, and has also had a productive day.  YAY for us!

For tonight, all I have to do is heat up a pizza,  pop in a DVD, and we'll be good to go.  Definitely enjoying the day.   Together.

Just like being together.  This was on his Bday.  He makes me laugh.  =)

Happy Birthday, my Love!

Many people say they fall deeper in love with their spouse with each passing year, and I  too am experiencing a huge love growth spurt for this man of mine more and more all the time.  This year for us has brought about some of our deepest sorrows, but also some of our greatest joys together.  Chuck is a man, and I don't take that for granted.  He takes the responsibility of me, and our son very seriously.  So much so that he's slaving away day after day in this unbearable heat just to provide for us.  He is a wise man, who listens to God's leading, even when he has a fearful wife by his side.  I am so grateful that he is the head of our home, and not me.

I love how Chuck tenderly cares for me.  When I'm sick, he brings me toast perfectly toasted at just the right color to our bed.  Also when I'm sick, he'll sit in bed with me and work on his computer while I sleep .  I love just knowing he's next to me.  I love how we laugh together at the silliest things.  When he walks into the room, my heart always feels like it's lighting up.  I miss him when he goes to work.  I love taking care of Jovie together, and going on long walks with her.  I love watching him be a Dad to her, even though she's a puppy.  We laugh so much at our sweet little pup.

I'm so proud that Chuck is the father of all three of our babies.  I can't wait to see what he's like in action as a Dad.  I have no doubt we will continue to laugh together.  He already is the best example of a man to our son just by the way he lives his life.

I think I may get more excited about his birthdays than he actually does.  There are some fun things planned for later tonight when he gets home, but I better not mention them in case he happens to read this.  That would so happen to me.

The first time we celebrated his Bday together- 4 years ago as newlyweds.  Julie, who made our fabulous wedding cake, made his fabulous Bday cake.  I'm drooling at the memory!

His gift 2 years ago- getting his cartilage pierced.  Again.  For the 3rd time. Love it!
This cake was made by me 2 years ago.  Sadly it wasn't very good.  NOTHING like Julie's!  But we sure had fun celebrating with friends and fam!

Last year Chuck turned 30 and got a gun!

Happy Birthday, Babe!  I love you with all that I am!  P.S.  As I looked back through these pictures, I was continually reminded of what a hot husband I have!  I am one lucky chic.  ;)

New "Hobby"

I have never been one to enjoy musicals.  I have been known, in fact, to fast forward the songs during musicals.  Musicals are not my thing live, nor in a movie.  In fact, I tend to fall asleep if I'm watching a play that includes scenes where the actors break into song.  Not my thing.

BUT, I have discovered that the community library here in PA has a fantastic DVD section.  Our library DVD section in Reston was absolutely terrible.  Here, it's like going to a Blockbuster- the kind of Blockbuster that doesn't exist anymore- only it's all FREE.  They have new movies, a blu-ray section, old movies, and more options than I'll probably have time to tap into.

So, in my quest to watch decent, wholesome movies that aren't filling my mind with fear or sex, I have begun a new hobby that is actually enjoyable.  Old movies-including musicals (*gasp*)- have been my target.  So far I've watched, "A Star is Born" with Judy Garland.  It's the first movie I've seen her in besides "The Wizard of Oz", of course.  I have found that I love her voice!  I only fast forwarded half of the songs, too.  The movie was a bit of a downer, but it definitely kept my attention, which is the main thing.  The next movie of hers on deck is "Meet Me in St. Louis".

I also borrowed, "Roman Holiday", my first Audrey Hepburn movie.  There are absolutely NO songs in that one, and so I liked it a lot.  Super cute plot.  I am hoping to borrow, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" next since I've heard about it for some many years now.

Currently I am in the middle of, "Father of the Bride", the original.  Who knew there was an original black and white version?!  The star of the movie is none other than Elizabeth Taylor- also my first movie of hers to watch.  So far, I'm really enjoying it.  It is a lot like the remake, so it's really fun to see.  

Lest you think I'm sitting around all day watching movies, I should mention that these have all been viewed in the wee hours of the night.  I've been having sleeping issues, so while Chuck saws logs, I have been catching up on my black and whites.  Don't worry, during the day I actually spend my time much more wisely.

I've been getting my walks in, (Jovie is thrilled by this), working through Beth Moore's study of the book of Esther (so fabulous, it's my second time doing it), making dinners for the fam, making desserts for the fam, and of course, working on my list of thank you's.  Chuck is now filling his week days with landscaping full-time.  He's such a hard-working, respectable, wise man.

Here we are having  fun celebrating Independence Day.  There was a great fireworks show at my old stomping grounds.  We sat inches from the very field I got my start at field hockey on.  Good 'ol middle school.  


Celebrating the 4th

My wonderful parents, and our lovely hosts

This Week

Chuck got the call earlier this week from the NJ church.  They kindly shared with us that we are not "the ones" (my interpretation) for their youth ministry.  The next day we were informed by a church in NC we were not selected to move further in their process either.  I suppose to say we are discouraged is an understatement.  

Last Friday I had my final OB appointment in VA.  I've never left a doctor's office feeling so cared for by the staff like that, and also feeling incredibly sad to leave.  We dropped off my files with an OB here in PA, and are waiting to hear if I've been approved as a patient in their office.  Thank you for praying for wisdom about this big decision.  One of our praises right now is that I tested negative for gestational diabetes.  Thank you God!

Chuck has an interview tomorrow morning with a landscaping company here in PA.  He also continues to work on the website at my parent's church.  He's done an awesome job already, of course!  We will send you the link once it's up to his standards- if that ever happens.  ;)

Also, Jovie seems to be doing much better!  We are so thankful God took care of her with the "cheap" method.  

All prayers are welcomed and we are grateful for each and every one.  Happy 4th you guys!

The boardwalk- Ocean City, NJ-a few weeks ago.  Wanna go back!


We received an incredible gift from good friends recently- a new camera!  Chuck and I have been longing for a nice camera.  This surprise gift blew us away, and we are THRILLED!  With every picture our current camera captures, it includes a black spot.  Not anymore!  Our baby can now be well photographed, as well as  video-ed.  This past weekend was oh-so-special, and we had many opportunities to use our groovy new toy.  I am learning to use it, and learning how to get pictures on the computer, and am now about to attempt posting some of our new camera shots.  

Spending time with his BFF's in VA
This makes me laugh- I was practicing the zoom feature, and you can see how thrilled Chuck was with my learning curve.
More to come on our journey home to VA these past few days!  For now let me just remind everyone how much we love it there! 

My Baby Girl

A couple weeks ago my Aunt Keren and Grandma came out East, stayed with us, and then we met up with my Mom's side of the family for my cousin's wedding in NJ.  After the fun wedding festivities and a few days at the beach, they came back to my parent's.  One of the nights we had a fire bowl, and sat outside talking for awhile.  Grandma was really missing her pup, so she scooped Jovie up.  That night she wanted nothing to do with sitting on my lap, but she cozied right up with Gram.  It was super precious.  I love this picture of the two of them together.

Right now Jovie is actually sick and it breaks my heart.  I get so worried about her, which I know seems goofy because "she's just a dog".  But she's my baby girl and I hate seeing her lethargic, and puking.  The other bummer is that the vet is expensive, so we're trying to take the cheapest route, and are praying she gets better within the next 48 hours.  Poor little thing.  This Mama is sad!

The Big Apple

I'm hungry right now, and typing "The Big Apple" as my title has made me hungrier.  I don't know what to do about my constant hunger.  Mom made lasagna, broccoli, and bread for lunch today. It was a wonderful feast!  To top it off Chuck and I shared a piece of yummy chocolate cake that I saved from a shower yesterday.  Before even leaving the table I knew I was still hungry but felt ridiculous eating MORE.  At my last doctor's visit she said I had gained too much weight- 14 pounds total since the beginning.  She also told me I should only gain 25 pounds total for the whole pregnancy.  Please lady.  I'm hungry and I know it!  Anyway, that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual post for today.  Moving on.

We had an all-day interview at a church in North Jersey earlier this week.  Well, since it's Sunday, technically it was last week.  The time with the people there went well, but it was exhausting.  Thankfully they put us up in a really nice hotel, so I was able to take a nap in the afternoon between meetings.  And, a very sweet thing happened while I was napping.  There was a knock on the hotel door and guess who it was?  A delivery man with a vase of one dozen roses all for me! I was so surprised and over joyed!  My husband is seriously too amazing!  He took a picture of me with the roses the next day.

It was such an awesome gift that the church paid for our hotel.  They knew it would be our anniversy so wanted to do something special for us- it certainly was!  I absolutely LOVE staying in hotels!  Growing up, my Dad would get to stay in hotels for his job, so I got accustomed to experiencing some luxurious places.  One of my favorite things about the hotel we stayed in was the king sized, pillow topped awesomeness!  I got to spread out and shift around and stretch in any direction, never to bump into my man.  Plus his heat didn't scald my legs since we had our own space.  Don't get me wrong, I love being near him, and I love finally being able to share a bed with him (I hated that aspect of dating, and am still so thankful to be married!), but the space was glorious!

We started our 4th anniversary morning off at a complimentary breakfast buffet.  If you know anything at all about me, you should know that my adoration of breakfast, especially in buffet form, is a large part of who I am.  Chuck and I took great advantage of this fantastic feast.  French toast, muffins, fruit, granola, bagels, eggs, sausage, bacon, hash I'm getting even hungrier!  Here is the man of the day- if you look closely you can see a small portion of the food in the background.

 We decided to take a train into NYC instead of driving in ourselves.  Either way costs way too much.  Once we arrived we decided to hop on a bus to go to Battery Park, and catch the Staten Island Ferry.  What we didn't realize was that we had to have a card to ride the bus.  But God provided for us, and a lady paid our fare with her own card.  It was so touching to us!  Who says New Yorkers are mean?!

Another way God provided was during our ferry ride.  I heard someone say my name and low and behold a dear friend of our family's was standing right in front of us!  What are the odds?  Lala goes to college in NYC, and is working there for the summer.  The three of us had a great time chatting and catching up, and Lala also directed us and gave us great tips for the day.  Such a sweet, sweet blessing!

 Another gift Chuck got me for our four years of marriage was a caricature. He knew it was something I had always wanted to have done, so he surprised me!  (I'm actually holding up the "gift certificate" he made in the first picture.)  I have to say, having the drawing done was the most fun part of the day for me.  I laughed so much. This is while the man was drawing me, but it was much more fun watching him draw Chuck!

And the final product.

As a friend of mine used to say, all in all it was a great day!  We loved our time together just the two of us.  God provided a free hotel, a free breakfast, a free ride on the bus, a sweet friend, and Chuck actually got his money back for my roses because they weren't to his standards.  =)  Thank you God for loving us so uniquely, so specially.  And thank you to my Love for the best four years of my life.  Here's to a lifetime with you!

I know I look less happy than normal in this picture, but I felt faint.  It was probably the hunger!  Time for a snack.

The End

It's been almost three weeks since we left our dearly loved friends, and home in NOVA.  Though a little late, I still wanted to post some pictures of our finals days there.  God gave us some really special times with really special people.  I wish I had pictures of all our loved-ones, and all the things we got to do, but these pictures will do.  Such warm memories.

Last Sunday morning with our teens.  They gave us a framed verse signed with many, many thoughtful notes from students and staff.

A time of prayer for us on our last Sunday.

We went into DC to watch our friend ride in Rolling Thunder and unexpectedly ran into more friends! 
Hangin' out with our great buds Joe and Heidi- the star of Rolling Thunder!
Some of my precious girls that came to our Open House. 

Long New Beginning

It's been a looooooooooong new beginning for us.  We've been on this journey since October, and now only have 3 nights left in our adorable, quaint little house.  3 nights!  Chuck and I both feel pretty at ease.  Though we have so much to organize, most of the leg work is behind us.  Come Tuesday and Wednesday we will be going crazy with busyness!

I have to say, we have been filled up and are overflowing with the love we've received from our NOVA friends, and church family.  It has been incredible to experience such an outpouring of grace and support from our people.  I was talking to my Aunt today, and she commented that I seemed joyful and upbeat.  I don't typically think of myself in that fashion, so it really meant a lot to me.  I told her it was absolutely the Lord giving me that extra grace during a great time of need.

Tomorrow Chuck and I will be giving our "farewell" talk to the teens in the morning.  Feels surreal.  I really don't have the capacity to describe how I'm feeling yet.  Here comes chapter two!

These are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.  Just some of the people we hold so dear to our hearts.

Our AMAZING small group- at a farewell cookout they had just for us!

Some of our other staff friends took us out to lunch- so much fun!

Candy and I's precious small group from this year.  Love these girls.  

Chuck's crazy group of guys!

My beloved college girls thew me a surprise shower for baby boy. (Notice his amazing, tiny, first pair of shoes!)