This whole October Baby journey has been really exciting!  Just this week alone, God provided us with an awesome deal to buy tickets at a cheaper rate so our teens get to save $4.50 a piece!  I am blown away and blessed by God's provision. 

Here is a new link for October Baby that just came out today:

The movie opens THIS FRIDAY, March 23.  Hope you're able to go see it, I know you will be amazed at a story about God's healing power and redemption. 


There is an undeniable passion on my heart right now to promote the movie, "October Baby".  Several months ago I was looking up information on a Bible Study book through Lifeway Publishers, and came across the "October Baby" clip.  It caught my eye right away because our baby would have been born this past October. 

After watching the trailer, I was riveted!  Then, a few months later, I got connected with a crisis pregnancy center.  Through their organization, Chuck and I were invited to see a pre-screening of the movie.  I was particularly excited because I was already wanting to see it, and it was a FREE date night.  You all know how much I LOVE free things. 

We arrived early enough to get some popcorn and water, and noticed no one was sitting in the front row.  We made ourselves comfortable, stretched out our legs and watched a powerful film.  Afterwards we were really surprised when the writer of the movie and the two main actresses came out.  I couldn't help but take a picture, even though I felt dumb doing so! 

Jon Erwin, Shari Rigby, Rachel Hendrix
Hearing their testimonies, the passion they have for God, and their heart for LIFE was enough to inspire me to move.  Go has really placed on my heart a burden to share this movie with people.  We got permission to take teens from our youth group to opening night Friday, March 23! 

I'm still praying that God will open the doors for a second opening of the movie in April in our local theater.  Right now, the closest showing is 20 miles away, but I will not be deterred!

Even if there is not a theater near you playing the movie, still go online and BUY a ticket to any theater.  This  shows the movie industry that you are pro-life, and that you want more movies like this to be played in the future.   To God be the glory!

Every Life is Beautiful

That is the passion of my heart right now.  If you follow me on Twitter, are friends with me on Facebook, or friends with me in general, you have probably heard me talk about the movie, "October Baby".  Chuck and I had the chance to see a pre-screening of the Christian movie this past Tuesday night and were both moved by what we saw.

"October Baby" is about a girl who survived a failed-attempt abortion and was adopted.  Her quest to find her birth mother to seek answers and healing make for a powerful film.  If you love God, His power to heal and forgive, and believe in EVERY baby's right to life, then this movie is for you.  Check out the trailer at:

It opens in a theater near you just TWO weeks from today on March 23.