Last night Chuck and I rented a movie. It was my turn to pick (even though we typically like the same movies anyway!) so I chose the most recent N. Sparks movie. Chuck was out like a light after about 5 minutes (still jet laggin' from his trip to Germany) so I essentially watched the whole movie by myself. I am totally not a movie-crier. My heart turns to stone for some reason when I watch movies! Last night was no exception. It was a horribly sad and depressing film, and I sat there dry-eyed regardless.

When the credits started rolling Chuck finally woke up and that's when it hit me. He was still pretty drowsy but I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck and whispered, "I love you..." and he responded, "I love you too..." and then I said as tears sprang to my eyes, "NO! I love you!" The tears continued to pour as I felt this man's arms around me and tried to fathom our relationship.

This man loves me in a way I never knew existed. He cherishes me like nothing I've ever experienced. This man sacrifices, gives, plans, adores, treasures, admires, encourages, gives things up, and loves like no other. As I began to grasp all that he is to me, and is for me the realization arose in my heart that some day he would die (THANKS to that depressing film!). Chuck gently reminded me that if God chose to take either of our lives early on, it would be for His plan and His purpose. He encouraged me that is why God comes first, and no other. This morning I had no choice but to fall on my knees in the shower, thanking God for this man in my life and at the same time, opening my hands and surrendering Chuck to Him.

I wanted to paint a picture of how unbelievably amazing my man is! So, moving forward from my last post, after the romantic picnic The Rose Quest lead me around the house to special spots of moments we had shared there. I followed several more riddles, and collected several more roses at places like where he picked me up for our first date, and the place outside where we had our first precious kiss.

From the house, we ventured on to a photo studio! When we walked in I glanced around, unsure of what to find there! As I looked up, the guy behind the desk presented ANOTHER rose with another sweet card attached! For the next hour, Chuck and I had our own personal photographer in our own personal studio! We posed, laughed, hugged, kissed, smiled, and had an amazingly fun time geting our pictures taken! It was seriously SUCH a blast! We even got to pick out our favorites, and Chuck insisted on buying me the extra collage that our photographer had created. He suggested putting the date on the picture (Him knowing what the night was about to hold, me not knowing!) and now we have that picture with that date to save for the rest of our lives! The Rose Quest continued on from there...


Warning: The story you are about to read changed my life FOREVER. It might just change yours, too.

It was 5:00 on Friday night, February 27. Date night had finally arrived! It is always, without a doubt, the highlight of my entire week. Chuck arrived and I bustled down the stairs ready to bust out of the house for our special date. I went to put on my jacket and he informed me to wait. Confusion began to formulate. He then came a little closer and handed me a small, fancy brown envelope, instructing me to open it and read the card. In it, I was invited on a mission called "The Quest for the Roses". I was given rules, awarded 3 lifelines, and an option to accept the mission...

Upon accepting, I was handed my FIRST single red rose of the evening. I was also handed a second card, which happened to be attached. The card had a little riddle that I had to figure out explaining our next location. (I have to admit, even though the riddle was personal between Chuck and I, I still had to ask for help! Give a girl a break! I was nervous!)

First stop: My bedroom where a cozy blanket was spread out on the floor, and a cooler awaited, holding our dinner for two! He had California Tortilla salads, and a diet coke...all food catered specifically for me and my special eating habits! He also had several 3 x 5 cards written out with "Shooting the Breeze" questions. We talked, laughed, and ate our food slowly and sweetly. Already I was feeling like the Queen of the Universe!

Each card, each riddle, each detail, each thought, each location was catered to me specifically. It was thee most perfect and romantic and thoughtful experience from start to finish. But wait! I'm getting ahead of myself, this is ONLY the beginning....

One Thing Costs Everything

The story of our engagement really started almost exactly a year ago. Last spring Chuck and I both lost our grandfathers. Though we didn’t know each other yet, we were grieving the serious loss in the same way at the same time.

Chuck’s grandfather’s wish was that each of his grandsons (5 boys including my man) would inherit and divide up his gun collection. This left Chuck with two valuable guns, both monetarily and especially sentimentally. My baby loved those guns! His chest puffed out a little farther, and his grin got a little wider any time the topic of those weapons came up. I seem to even recall him asking my brother on a man date to go shoot their guns together some time. Chuck was proud of his guns, and proud to be the owner of his grandfather’s prized possessions.

Several weeks ago, Chuck informed me that God provided a way for him to buy me an engagement ring. I was pleasantly surprised by the news, eager to hear what God had done. Without hesitation, my man proclaimed, “I am going to sell my guns.” Stunned, I immediately protested and informed him there HAD to be another way. In true Chuck fashion, he informed me that in fact, it was NOT my decision. His mind was made up.

“If I don’t sacrifice anything for your ring, what value does it have? If I charge it on my credit card, what did it cost me? I want your ring to cost me. I want to sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears otherwise; it’s just a piece of jewelry and means nothing. My grandfather would be happy knowing that his guns are on your finger.”

As he scouted out gun stores in the area, he came in contact with one particular man who shared with him that there would be a gun show the very next day! The gun show only comes to this area once in a blue moon, and it “just so happened” to be that weekend! Off to the show he went, and sold were the precious guns from his grandfather.

Just a few short weeks later, my man walked out of a jewelry store, my custom made ring in his pocket for the EXACT amount he had sold the guns for.

If God is for us, who can be against us??

Stay tuned… =)