4 Generations

Here we are- 4 generations on Mother's Day!  It was pouring rain outside so we had to settle for an indoor picture.  That's fine with me, I'm just thankful we were able to capture such a special day.  Side note:  I was looking at pictures my Grandma had on her fridge.  There was a picture of me up there from four years ago, the last time I had visited.  I was wearing the same shirt that I am wearing in this picture.  Yes, that's right- the same shirt 4 years later.  I tried to squeeze into every dress I own, but not one dress fits.  Not one.  Thus I was resigned to wear jeans, again.  That's all I ever wear.  But I digress.

It was absolutely gorgeous most of the days we were in Iowa.  This day was no exception.  The four of us, plus my Aunt Keren (Jase's "Grant Keren") had a lovely little photo shoot.

We love our Grant Keren!

 My precious boy.  He was picking at those flowers like crazy!  I just love this one.

Jase and his Great Grandma!  Love my family.  Special.  Wonderful.  What more can I say?

Free Tea

Dunkin Donuts has a new rank in my book.  This summer, until the end of September, DD is offering .99 iced tea or iced coffee- IF you use their permanent cup and the DD Perks card.  For signing up, I even got a FREE drink today.  Nothing gets me more excited than FREE things- especially tea or coffee.  My new favorite drink there is the coconut iced coffee.  Oh.yum.

The free drink is pretty much the high light of my week.  That's got to tell you how awful the past week has been.  A little bit night-marish, actually.  I'll spare you the gory details, but Chuck and I both got hit with an awful stomach bug.  In fact, we had a pot luck with 13 people total (including 2 babies) and every single person except for one guy got sick with the same bug.  At first we suspected food poisoning, but since both babies got sick, it has to be a virus.  Yes, Jase is still sick.  We took him to the doctor after four days, and thankfully he's very healthy except for his little tummy issues.  He's extremely contagious (we all obviously were!) so we've been stuck in the house.  Not fun, especially on a holiday weekend.  But our sympathies are with the little guy, of course.

Before Montezuma's Revenge hit, Jase and I had enjoyed a fabulous trip to Iowa with my Mom.  Jase got to meet my Grandma for the first time, as well as lots of my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  We had such a blast.  It was really special to celebrate with four generations on Mother's Day, too.  I am so grateful for the time we had with family.  I absolutely love visiting Iowa!  There are many memories and wonderful moments etched in my heart from my experiences with family there over the years.

Something to note: June 6 is National Donut Day, so if you buy any drink at a DD, you'll get a free donut.  =)