Our Little Life

Here we are bringing our baby tree home.  It's definitely real!  It's the cutest thing ever.

My man stringing the lights.  I believe it was a box of 50.

Ornaments!  My job.  I loved going through them this year.  Each one really means something special to me.

Such a pretty, happy tree.



My Dad has a check-up with his heart surgeon every year around November.  The nerves always kick in with full-fledged anxiety in the mix.  There's always that chance that the reports will come back with Dad needing another heart surgery.  Last year I shed tears and didn't handle the pending appointment so well.  This year God really put His peace in my heart as we anticipated what the results would show. 

Last year I was shopping in the cheese aisle in Harris Teeter when Dad called with the good news, and this year I was driving home from Kohls with the GREAT news that his heart is doing well.  Whew.  I just have to praise God for another healthy heart year for my Dad.  It.  Is.  Such.  A.  Relief.  =)

I love you, Father!