The Jersey Shore

From sunset....

to sunrise....
there is no greater vacation than the Jersey Shore.

Normal Day

I just got back from lunch with one of my dear friends, Megan.  We went to The Bagel Cafe which is a unique place to eat breakfast or lunch if anyone is looking for a new spot.  Normally we enjoy eating outside, but it's a little bit too blistering hot today.  Don't get me wrong, I adore the heat.  Hot, humid, sticky weather is the best.  Except I learned in Croatia, it's only the best when you get a break from the heat with AC inside.  When there's no AC (like during our entire Croatia trip) then hot, humid, sticky weather isn't so attractive to me.  Anyway,  I love having coffee, lunch, or any meal for that matter with Megan.  She's the kind of friend I leave a date with feeling like I'm already excited for the next get together. 

As Chuck and I settle into our new townhouse, we still feel like visitors in someone else's home.  Granted, we haven't been in this house for more than two weeks in a row yet, so maybe once we're actually done traveling, it will feel more like home.  God has given us quite a bit more space, which leaves us quite a bit more space to decorate.  Some of the rooms feel empty to me, and I'm really wanting to pour life into our new home.  Life, color, pictures, and warmth.  I always want our home to be a place where others feel welcomed, loved, and comfortable.  Chuck calls this place "our cottage".  I want it to FEEL like a cottage inside.  The answer comes down to that good 'ol word....time.  EVERY thing takes time.

This afternoon I am going to sort through a container of pictures I have, and throw away all the doubles I don't need.  I used to print out every picture I took, and put the pictures into albums.  Now I have countless albums on my computer, which I know I won't ever print out.  It used to bother me, but having pictures on the computer does safe space in my closet!  After that I need to dust the office, clean the upstairs bathroom, do a load of whites, and make dinner.  People, these are the things stay-at-home-wives do and I absolutely love it.

Thank you God for the privilege of staying home!