My Dear Misty

Many of you know my dear friend, Misty. I was honored to have her as one of my bridesmaids in our wedding! God is doing miraculous things in the life of Mist, and her husband, Chad. I added their blog address on my sidebar, but thought I'd post for them as a special welcome to the blog world!

Check out their story and praise God with us!

It Happens

Yes, I'm aware that most of my posts lately have just gushed newly wed giddy happiness.  When I was single it was easy to post about life situations that upset me.  It was easy to post about something that depressed me, annoyed me, or made me angry.  It was common for me to share what was going on with my relationship with God, even sharing personal details.  Being married is a different story.  I can not air my dirty laundry because now another person is involved.  A lot of my business now is his business, too.

BUT I can air my dirty laundry when it's all my fault.  Yes, I fully take the blame and I ask any of you out there for Godly, wifely wisdom.  You see, I get teased sometimes as being "the perfect wife" merely because I stay home.  That couldn't be further from the truth.

I whine when Chuck is looking at the TV or computer and doesn't pay attention to me right away; I cry when I don't know what food to fix for our company; I get silent when something doesn't go my way; I get moody for absolutely no reason and take it our on my poor, unsuspecting husband; I argue even when I know I'm wrong; I worry; I fear; I fret; and then he comes into the kitchen.  He grabs me, holds me in his arms and says, "I just want you to  know that I love you, Abby.  For better and for worse. I support you."  And then I feel even worse and cry some more.

Yep, my friends, that is me as a wife.  These are my true colors as a newly wed.

The good news? Well, actually, the GREAT news is:  Praise Jesus, the Holy Spirit resides in my heart!  Oh yes he does.  I need God every moment of every second of every hour of every day.  I need him more then sleep, more then water, more then food, (and yes I said food, for those of you who know me well!) more then ANYTHING in this world, I need my God.

Thankfully my God forgives, and he gives me the grace to keep moving forward and to keep working hard at this wife thing.  God allows me room to try and fail, to be up and to be down, and he whispers strongly in my ear, "You need me alone.  Rest in me.  TRUST in me."  Oh how sweet it is to be loved by Jesus.

I don't think my husband knew what hit him when he married me!  My parents tried to warn him.  (Seriously.  My dad warned him about me!) But God has given Chuck this crazy, unconditional, incessant love that makes me want to strive even harder to be the Godly, loving, respectful and resting wife I can possibly be! 

Where would I be if not for my Savior?


There are just those major high's in life when God blows me out of the water, over and over.  Last night was one of those nights.  It was the GREENEST night ever.  We praise GOD for how HE is providing for and taking care of us.

Chuck was going to be home a little later from work, so I was able to catch up with 2 friends on the phone, only to be utterly amazed and shocked with what God was doing in each of their lives.  I had chills all over during both conversations.  I had tears in my eyes as I heard each woman pour out her heart at God's power, mercy, and adoring love for each of them.  I am blessed to have friends who love God and are examples to me of how to walk by faith.

Crazy enough, while I was actually still on the phone, Chuck arrived home saying someone was outside wanting to look at our car that we were trying to sell.  Well when I got off the phone, absolutely elated for a dear friend, there were people sitting in our living room.  I proceeded to greet them and that's when I noticed the GREEN cash on the table.  I stuttered a bit and said, " you're buying the car?!"  We had posted it less then 48 hours earlier!  Praise God!  Praise God!  We are now a one car fam!  (Isn't that so GREEN of us?!)

After dinner we then went Christmas tree shopping!  We had been given a wedding gift of money to buy Christmas decorations.  GREAT gift!  We had planned to buy a 7 foot tree, a tree stand, lights, and ornaments.  As we began scouting out tree's at several different places it became increasingly clear that if we did purchase a 7 foot tree, and a stand, we had no money left over for lights, or ornaments!  Hmmm...

The third place we stopped, just as we were getting pretty bummed about our situation, we walked up this path to be utterly elated at what was in front of us.  There was a little cluster of baby Christmas tree's!  We immediately looked for the prices and were even more elated to see that THEY were in our price range!  Chuck got this enormous grin on his face and started to get a little giddy.  The tree was so liiiiiittle and cute I couldn't even stand it.  Chuck's little boy glee combined with the adorable baby Christmas tree gave me no choice but to peak out from my furry hood, look up into his face, and said, "Alright!  We can get it!"  We both cracked up laughing at our tiny, baby, GREEN Christmas tree.

With just enough money, we got the tree, a skirt, and some lights.  Then we went to Target where we each picked out our first ornament and one box of tiny ornaments!

We are praising God for His constant provision for us!  We are rejoicing!

Tonight we are decorating our baby to come....