7 Things

7 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Me

a.) when i get really nervous, or excited, mostly nervous, my teeth chatter uncontrolably (like when normal people are cold)

b.) i absolutely love wearing a new outfit, and absolutely hate when people say "is that a new outfit?"

c.) i love my nose ring SO much that i now want to get my face pierced

d.) there are many times in my life when i feel that i love certain people so much it hurts, and i want to cry, and i start breathing really hard

e.) i ADORE libraries

f.) sometimes i have this thought, while staring in the mirror, "what if God doesn't really exist? what if i don't really exist? who am i? what are people?" and i get really, REALLY freaked out

g.) i hate being smothered in a conversation- i hate being made to tell a story that i did not want to tell


i thought i was gonna die these past few days. on thursday, i felt soooooooooo tired all day.

i put the babe down for his first nap, and went downstairs to get a start to my day, and all i could do was lay on the couch. the next thing i knew, it was almost 3 hours later! philly, (sleeping next to me on a chair), chail, and i were all out like lights for that whole time. as i began to drift back into awake land, i heard chail begin to cry. i stumbled up to his room, fed him, played with him, etc., and then put him down for nap number 2. pretty sure his auntie took nap number 2 as well! this time, with philly curled up with me on the couch.

the day continued on like this. each time i woke up, usually with same lame re-run episode of "sabrina the teenaged witch" and that dumb talking cat on, i felt worse. i kept scolding myself for being so lazy. "what is your problem?" finally, after about 8 hours, i decided some thing must be wrong with me.

i put chail across the room from me, and he played so sweetly by himself for over an hour til his parents came home. i layed lathargic on the couch, with philly always by my side. sista finally called, and said they were gonna be late because they got a flat tire. (it's not my place to tell you how, but it's funny! haha!) sigh.

when she finally arrived, i pretty much spent the next 3 days in bed, or on the couch- with philly always by my side! she was so sweet to me, always sleeping next to me, always by my side, always a comfort. i'm not a dog person, but this pup has won my heart over like no other! i couldn't believe it.

today, i am finally feeling better! did i mention in the midst of my illness i had to get up at 4 am to work an 8 1/2 hour shift? some times i want starbucks to die.

good-bye temp of 101! i'm back, and ready to face the world again. or maybe not...i actually like not doing any thing but watching tv, and not feeling guilty about it...

my teacher

i have been struggling for 3 days now as to what i want to SAY to you for your birthday. remember when i first heard my theme song for the year? my john mayer song. i listened to it over and over and you watched me add motions and dramatics to my new favorite song. well, today, i am going to say not what i NEED to say, but what i WANT to say.

there are so many avenues to our roommate/frienship that i could cover. but today, i am going to focus on those things that you have TAUGHT me.

~you've taught me how to live out loud for Jesus, (although i still won't wear Jesus socks or slippers!) especially at work.

~you've taught me how to be a true friend, and to love unconditionally.

~you've taught me the beauty of cities 97 and the great hidden music that is out there.

~you've taught me how to work through difficulties and what forgiveness looks like.

~you've taught me how powerful, important, and gifted we, as women, are.

~you've taught me that one absolutely must start off every sunday morning with a good cup of coffee.

~you've taught me to value myself, and to believe in my own gifts and abilties.

~you've taught me how to enjoy a sunday, even if football is on all day!

~you've taught me how to make my own choices, and stick by those choices.

~you've taught me how to heat up vegtables in the microwave...oh wait. that's DISGUSTING.

~you've taught me how to burn pre-made cookies in the oven.

~you've taught me the how to have a home.

~you've taught me how to laugh at so many things in life!

~you've taught me the value of education...oh wait. i still HATE school.

~you've taught me that Jesus loves democrats AND republicans just the same.

~you've taught me how to say to boys, "what the HECK are you thinking?"

~you've taught me how to be others-centered.

~you've taught me how to pursue God, and live life together with a 2 person little family in 202.

~you've taught me how to kill spiders...oh wait. i won't go near spiders with a ten foot pole.

~you've taught me how to make stupid looks at the camera when i am feeling ugly.

~you've taught me not to say "i'm ugly. i'm fat. i'm gross." while looking in the mirror.

~you've taught me it's completely ok to consume 5-6 cups of coffee and shots of espresso every day.

~you've taught me what a loyal, faithful, loving, amazing friend looks like.

~you've taught me how to wear high heels with baller shorts.

~you've taught me how to distinguish between black, extra black, partly black, thin black, or dark black lines when doing graphics.

~you've taught me that to be on time is to be 45 minutes early. oh wait. i don't agree with that at all!

~you've taught me that i could never have asked or imagined that God would give me one of the best roommates and one of the best friends ever...even though we'd never be friends outside of God...right?? :)




hi! my name is swz. my birthday is on monday, september 8. i would love it if you would post all kinds of loving, sentimental, mushy comments about me to really make my day special!


there is no other way to describe me today. i felt like a 5 year old starting school for the first time. tonight was my first shift back at sbux after an entire month off. not only that, it was my first night working at my new store. yikes. you'd think, after almost 5 years in the company, that starting at a new store would be no biggie. not true. it's a biggie. same song, same dance, but with all new melodies and all new steps. it's like going from being the big shot on campus your senior year of high school to being the freshman loser in college.

when luke 'n trisha got home, i was ready to bustle out of the house (i was ready way early, of course!) and was trying to avoid them. luke asked me if i was tired and my eyes filled with tears, i almost lost it, so i just mumbled "no". then sista asked me if i had food for supper and i welled up again and just mumbled "yay...see ya!" i was so teary-eyed walking down the steps. then, God did some thing pretty cool. my phone rang halfway to work. i was not going to answer, until i looked down and saw that mark (my moa 2 manager) was calling! he didn't even know it was my first day back! sweet thing! i pretty much burst into tears, and felt better all at the same time. good 'ol mark!

i mean, who wouldn't be crying if they had to leave this face behind?! i told chail all day that i'd much rather stay with him. i'd look into his sweet lil eyes and just well up with tears at the thought of going to work! little does he know his auntie is crazy!

it's not really being separated from my babes that bothers me, i guess it was the big change of a new store. i really miss my MN peeps. i really miss the moa. i really miss my familiar life that i loved. and i really really LOVED this past month of NO work! on top of that, i loved the past week and half of the perfect job of nannying chail.
anyway. my first night at bux went very well! thanks to those that were praying. wow. i felt it, for sure!! i have a good vibe about the situation! it's good to "get out" and experience more of VA then i have before.
i am going to bed tonight relieved and at rest that my first night is OVER and it went WELL! whew.

Week One

i don't think gretchen had any idea what HUGE gift she gave to me when she so graciously presented me with my very own digital camera! (or maybe she did....) it's just been a blast for me to own it. i love capturing moments and being able to keep those moments forever, while sharing them with others!
my first week in VA is officially complete! and though i am well into week 2, i can't help but share some snapshots (literally! haha!) of week 1. i am still continually amazed that i get to wake up every day, step my foot onto the pretty hardwood floor, and oh, i'm at work! taking care of chail has got to be the best job i've ever had! i love him to pieces and bits and probably kiss him 10,000 times a day!
the picture above was taken at clyde's! my first night out with my "new" friends! actually, i've known both mandi and heidi from previous life situations. so SO COOL how God does stuff like that! these girls (and cherith, another friend) have really made things so much easier for me as i get involved in the new church here, and try to meet people! we had a blast!

my fam came to visit for the long weekend! it was the first time we've ALL been together for a holiday in quite awhile. this was taken at austin tex mex, and was phenominal! the manager accidentally almost got in one of our pictures, so he gave us ALL free desserts! super good food! i was able to show the fam my soon-to-be starbucks after supper, too.

father spent MANY hours putting together my new bookshelf (it's huge and beautiful and amazing!) and my new desk (which i was DYING without!) i am continually amazed at how MUCH my dad knows. he can seriously fix ANY thing, and put together ANY thing! my room is now completely unpacked, organized, and i can finally start settling in. whew! i haven't had "my" own room in quite awhile, so it's a greeeeeeeeeat feeling! pictures of my new room soon-to-come!

we also went to a phillies game in DC. there were more philly fans then nats fans! i have never experienced the commorodity between sports fan quite like yesterday. we rode the metro downtown, and that's where we began coming across other phillies fans! of course we all smiled at each other, and the boys made comments. the nats fans attempted to trash talk, but they were so out numbered it never mattered. plus, if you know any one from philly, you know all philly team fans are obnoxious! i found myself strutting around all proud that i had a phillies tee on, matching the boys. it was a blast! my mom took the pictue, that's why she isn't shown here. trisha decided to stay home, and we definately missed her. it was kinda funny to just be the 5 of us again.
so, bring on week 2. we'll see what it holds!