Heavy Heart

This morning my heart is heavy for several friends in my life who are suffering.  A heavy heart leads me to pray, and I know prayer is the main way I can minister to these hurting women.

I also have a heavy heart because Chuck and I experienced a really intense, emotional battle with some people recently.  I still feel upset and gross inside over some of the interactions.  Though forgiveness from all sides has taken place, I still have a million thoughts rolling around in my heart.  It's nice when one battle is over, but the war continues to rage, ya know?  And even when forgiveness has happened over hurts, the scabs are still fresh and the scars will always be there.  I asked Chuck the other night in bed, "Why is life so hard?"  I didn't want an answer then, and I don't need an answer now.

The great apostle Paul has said it best, I believe.  Three things remain:  faith, hope, and love.  Faith:  one step at a time.  Hope:  life on earth is temporary.  Love:  Jesus, oh but we have Jesus.

Happy Birthday Weeda Bon!

Tomorrow my baby turns 1!  We have a busy, crazy, and fun several days ahead so I don't think I'll have time to write.  This picture was taken right after the nurses brought him to our regular room the day he was born.  He looks so little, so tiny, so helpless.  And he was.  He still is, but after only one year, he can do so much on his own.  I love looking at his precious face here.  And his little hand.  It just melts my heart all over again to gaze at his newborn sweetness.

Both of these pictures are of the first time we got to hold our son.  What a joyous day!  And tomorrow I can not wait to celebrate his one year of life!  

Our first family photo.  I'm not sure when exactly "Weeda Bon" became Jase's #1 nickname from me, but it stems from "Little honey bun" (I think!).  Now my little bun is courageous, determined, hard-working, sweet, loving, tough, smart, and happy!  Here he is most recently- all grown up. ;) 

Happy Birthday my sweet baby!  Papa and I love you more than you'll ever know!