High in the Sky

Several years ago Chuck began quite a search.  He had already graduated from college, and was working a job in his field.  He began to feel restless and knew that God was leading him to something else, but he just didn't know what.  The story that I'm about to tell came about because of this very search.

Early last week, my sweet husband surprised me by saying we were going OUT on Friday night, on a date.  Normally we like to consider Fridays or Saturdays our date nights anyway, but I knew this one was going to be special.  He informed me that it was a surprise.  But in the end, the surprise only last about 2 minutes as I am not a fan of anticipated surprises.  Because I knew where we were going and what we were doing, I was able to revel in the complete form of excitement.  Unfortunately, Friday turned out to be very windy which put a damper on our date, so we rescheduled for Saturday.

Now, as I was saying earlier, back in the day when Chuck was searching for his life's calling, he decided to pursue helicopter flying!  He began to take lessons, which is a whole other post, but the moral of the story is he ended up receiving free vouchers for 2 hours of sight-seeing in a helicopter.  This brings us back to Saturday.  We were going helicopter flying!

Our pilot was a fun guy, and before we even stepped foot into our tiny little helo, he offered to take our picture.  Too cute of him to ask.

Before we climbed in, Pilot (I can't remember his name so I'll just use Pilot with a capital "P".) gave us some brief instructions.  This is where I learned how flimsy and paper-like the doors were- the only things protecting me from plummeting to the ground and ending my life as a pancake.  This gave cause for concern, but for some reason I trusted Pilot and of course, trust my hubs.

Once inside, we got to put on the ear protectors that also allowed us to speak to each other (Pilot, Chuck and I) and sound like real-deal pilots.  We looked like they always do on 50 % of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette dates. I even said that out-loud and felt like a complete dweeb in front of Pilot. 

As soon as we began to hover only a few feet off the ground, I knew the grin would not leave my face the whole time we were flying.  It was such a surreal and incredible feeling.  So different from flying in a plane.  As we climbed higher and higher into the sky, all I could do was gaze, for lack of a better description.  I found myself feeling utterly speechless at the beauty I was beholding.  Since I didn't want to hurt Pilot's feelings, I eventually said words like "Awesome", "Beautiful", and "Amazing" which compared to what I was seeing and feeling, were completely lame.

Pilot described where we were and what were we seeing at several different points during our tour.  There were some absolutely crazy amazing farms and homes out there.  One farm had horse stalls nicer then motels.  This same farm owned it's very own private landing strip for it's very own private plane.  I'm still dying to know who they heck the owners are!  We also got a see this enormously massive rock quarry. 

I think God's creation is just way to....for words.  All in all, I give the experience two thumbs UP.

Since we've been back on land, I have thought about our time in the air quite often.  It was just so much FUN.  Especially when the helicopter dropped quickly at once and my stomach lurched into my throat!  Way better then a roller coaster, which Pilot thought was quite funny.  Mostly it was FUN because I got to experience it with my Love.  I think I was gripping his hand the entire time, just too excited to let go for even a minute.  Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words.