A Time To Give Thanks

With all the writing I have been doing for Grad school, I have had no time to write for the pure enjoyment of it.  I'm not sold on Grad school yet.  The reason I have always disliked school so much is that it keeps me from doing a lot of others things I'd rather be doing.  The same applies to Grad school.  I am behind in life, missing out on things I'd love to be doing, and wishing I wasn't stuck doing homework so much.  Though I am only in the middle of my first class, it very well might be my last!  What I do like about class is the knowledge I've gained that can only help me move forward as a writer.  We shall see, we shall see.

For now I am happy to write whatever I'd like, knowing there will be no grade at stake.  Since it is Thanksgiving Eve, I'd like to give THANKS!  I am thankful for...

~intimacy with God
~worship music
~the way Chuck sacrificially serves me
~Chuck's support of my goals and dreams
~2 1/2 wonderful years of marriage to a man who I have so much fun with
~Godly girlfriends
~Godly women who invest in me
~the privilege to serve and lead teenagers
~my small group of teen girls
~crazy-adorable nephews
~a dream job for my Dad
~close knit family
~a Mom to laugh with, who gets me
~babysitting jobs so that we can buy Christmas gifts
~a fabulous get away with Chuck and friends to Charleston
~the way music ministers to my soul
~friends who share in suffering with me
~God's unique love and adoration of me
~the power of God to change my heart
~being a Mother
~Jesus taking care of our child
~Starbucks Holiday drinks in the red cups



My dear friend, Emily has started her own blog!  I would like to take this time to welcome M to the blog world!  No one else but M can bring out this side of me, as seen above.  =)

Love you, M!  Happy blogging!  Check her out:  Life, Livi, and the Pursuit of Love