Advent has begun!

As soon as I finished the last post, Chuck hollered down, "I'm reeeeeeeeeeady!"  I jumped up and hurried towards the stairs to find this:

 My Advents!  These little stockings are so cute I had to keep myself from crying.  I was completely surprised.  He wanted me to open Day 1 immediately since tomorrow we will open his Mom's package.  The note seen in the picture for Day 1 told a cute little story about how the military uses a tiny object for making food.  Included in the stocking was a mini blade looking thing.  I was then instructed to find my first gift under the tree.  How had I missed it?  I raced down the stairs to see this...

He has always wrapped gifts so beautifully!  Tada!

My VERY OWN electric can opener!  Lest you feel disappointed for me that I got an appliance, I have been dying for my own electric can opener.  There is one out at the Dubbe family house, and every time we go, I think I say, "I wish I had one of these!"  Our old can opener is really annoying, and actual hurts my hand.  I had to try the new one out right away.  We now have a can of black beans opened electrically.  Hallelujah-  I couldn't be happier!

I'm super excited for the next 25 days.  I already feel like the most special girl on the planet. 


I feel something brewing.  It's December 1st Eve, and I found this hanging up in our hallway earlier tonight.  As I write, Chuck is working like a Mad Scientist in our office, and I am forbidden to enter.  He has hinted that the next 25 days are going to be pretty special.  On top of that, we also have a package from Chuck's Mama all the way from Germany with instructions to be opened tomorrow. 

It's the most wonderful time of year!

Tree Hunt

Last year we found a local farm store that sold 6 foot Frasier Furs for $30.  In the past we had spent $10-$20 on a tiny tree so this new find was fantastic!  We spent our Thursday-Night-Date-Night tree hunting.  This means we drove 10 minutes to Meadows Farms.  At the front of the big lot of trees there were tons of $60 trees, $70 trees and a bunch of plants we were not interested in.  I told Chuck we should just keep walking towards the back of the lot.  After several rows of the expensive trees we found a row of $40 and $50 trees.  We began to think the tree prices had gone up.  But we pressed on.  As we continued to walk, and freeze, we saw a cluster of trees sitting in the dark, all the way at the back of the lot.  To our delight, even though it was very hard to read in the dark, we finally saw a sign for $30 Frasier Furs!  

It was pretty tough to actually pick out a tree in the complete dark, but we used the flashlight App to help with visibility.  Here is proof just how far away we were from the expensive trees at the front of the store.  (See the lights all the way behind Chuck?)

Chuck thought we should get the tallest tree possible, I actually prefer chubby trees- even if they're shorter.

Told ya it was dark!
We finally settled for the perfect blend of tall, but chubby.  Oh, and before it was all said and done I did actually trip over the wooden beam separating the Frasiers because it was pitch black!

I have to post this picture below because we were trying to take our token Stand-by-the-Jeep-while-the-tree-gets-strapped-to-the-top-photo when the guy helping us threw the rope over the car and hit me in the head.  Chuck and I were cracking up and he caught it on film.  (See the white rope to the right?)

Here's the official photo. 

We also stopped at Michael's to pick up some lights and garland.  I have been dying to decorate our cute little font porch and thankfully Michael's had awesome deals last night.  ($2.99 garland!)


Our tree is just sitting in the corner for now, we can't have all the Christmas fun in one night!  Trimming the tree to come...

Thankful...How creative.

Though my heart is plummeting face first into the holly, jolly Christmas season I am still reminding myself of all that I have to be thankful for.  On Thanksgiving night, Chuck and I opened up the jar we made during the FFA's and read our little snippets of thankfulness we had written about for the past month.  We had much to thank God for. 

I am so.very.thankful. for my husband.  I know that sounds totally cliche to be thankful for my husband, but I just feel like I have been extra-specially-blessed by my man.  He's my best friend, and I love to spend any waking minute with him that I can.  Even going to the grocery store is suddenly fun when my man is by my side.  He gets me, and that gives me a crazy amount of appreciation for him.  He really gets me.  We women are not easy creatures to understand, and to have Chuck's total support of who I am is wonderful.

He gets that I love to get my hair done by Sharon alone.  He gets that I love to read- sometimes even 3 or 4 books at time.  He gets that I like to start Christmas shopping in October.  He gets that I always need to drink soy milk lattes.  He gets my heart for people, and the times I cry just because I feel for someone.  He gets my adoration of iced tea.  He gets that I love to sleep in.  He gets that I long to be a Mother, and knows exactly what to say when another month goes by.  ("I"m sorry Babe.") He gets that I love to write, but am OK with the fact I will probably never have a writing career.  He gets that I love to talk to my Mom.  He. Gets. Me.  And I am crazy in love with him.

To give you a flavor of Chuck, check out this picture.  Several weeks ago, my family got together for the weekend.  He insisted on pushing me around in this dumb old wheel barrel, and I thought it was a ridiculous idea.  My SIL was snapping pictures of us, and I had to laugh.  I couldn't help it.  Chuck is all about having a fun time, and coming up with crazy, new ideas. Even if that means pushing around his 30-year-old-wife in a rusty wheel barrel filled with dirty leaves. 

Speaking of having a fun time, Chuck also tends to push the line when it comes to having fun.  Though I may rant and rave about some of his silly ideas, deep down inside, I love that about him.  He constantly makes me laugh.  Chuck truly believed it would be a great idea to have my family climb a tree- yes, that's right- climb a tree for a photo shoot.  Maybe Chuck's not the crazy one, because my family actually listened to him.  It was so ridiculous, but he insisted it would work.  He had set up a tripod for our camera, and was emphatic about the fact that he could set the timer, run over, climb up the tree, turn around and smile for the camera- all in 12 seconds.  I'll let you decide how well that worked....

At least he has a cute booty.  Notice how the boys are looking quite confused.  And my SIL is still smiling for the camera!  Only Chuck could get Grandpa to scale a tree.

One final thought about Chuck is his sense of adventure.  Even little adventures.  He raked up a massive amount of leaves for my nephews to jump in, but he couldn't just "leave" it at that.  He had to make the pile bigger, and put it right in front of the swing so the boys could fly off into the leaves.  Of course they had a blast.  But I think Chuck was the one who had the biggest blast!

Oh wait, where are the nephews?!

    My heart is full for him.  What can I say?  I'm truly thankful. 


My dear, sweet childhood friend, Tricia has been struggling with Cystic Fibrosis for the last 30 years (her entire life).  God has done miracles in her life, including giving her and her husband Nathan a biological baby right before having a double lung transplant.  It's been almost 4 years, and Tricia needs new lungs again.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) morning Tricia's doctors will be deciding if she will be approved for a second transplant she desperately needs.  PLEASE PRAY! You can read about her story here:

Stiff Necks?

It's late here for my two babies.  Their necks must be killing them! 

But  I'm wide awake, as usual.  Since Chuck objects to "19 Kids and Counting", I'm getting caught up on all my episodes while he dreams. (Don't hate. I've been known to cry during this show.)  I've also been working on some Christmas projects for the past couple of hours.  The Christmas season is upon us, and it just makes me giddy.  There are big wreaths and lights up around all the plazas nearby.  One of our radio stations starts playing ALL Christmas music ALL the time tomorrow! 

I told Chail last weekend that I love giving presents more than getting presents.  It's true- I know once I get in bed tonight I will be lying awake thinking about all the Christmas projects I'm so excited about.  Chuck and I finished about 90 % of our shopping tonight- great feeling.  

I'm going to end with a random fact.  Michelle Duggar is only sixteen years older than me.  Sixteen years older, and she has 19 children.  Her oldest child is only six years older than me.  For crying out loud.

Day 31 and Done

 We had a Halloween Extravaganza for our small group of teens last night!  Chuck found a whole bunch of decorations and props in the youth room and we had a blast decorating our house for the occasion.  You can't quite see in this picture, but we had hanging bat lights on the banister, and spider webs- complete with spiders, all over our big, annoying front bush. 

Our group is called The North Group- really creative, I know.  We don't get a say in the name.  Gotta tell ya, we are loving the chalk board wall. 

Here's the place all spooked out.  The dining room even had a flashing red light.

Here are some of our crazy teenie boppers.  It was pretty exciting to have FIVE kids come that hadn't come before!  We loved having them.  Check out our cute co-leader, Candy in her home-made 50's gear.  (To the left of the pizza, and in the corner of the couch.)  Candy is also my dearly wonderful mentor and friend.  

We had such a laugh over the fact that we're OLD.  I had put the names, "Herman Munster" and "Morticia" into a game. The teens kept saying, "Herman Moon-ster"  and "mortician".  No, not "Moon-ster" and certainly not "mortician".  They had no clue what or who The Adams Family or The Munsters were.  Sad day.

Here are my two favorite dates for the evening.  Chuck made everybody wear a wig and carry a prop if they came without a costume.  Man did that wig ITCH! 

Day 31 was also our first opportunity to hand out candy to our little neighbors.  It was so much fun!  My favorite character of the evening was this "sweet" little girl in a cute little outfit. I was all about her until she whipped out a sword and announced she was going to chop me to pieces.  Ummm, OK?!  Later that night Chuck and I had a great laugh over it.  

On an exciting note, I met the girl who does hair in our neighborhood, and now I have her number.  It was super embarrassing though because I introduced myself while wearing the above hideous wig.  The wig bangs kept getting in my eyes and it was so hard to see.  I felt like such a fool as I wrote down her number- me in the itchy wig, her with the perfect hair-dresser hair.  She was probably scared to death of what my real hair looked like- not much better.   

Well, folks.  That's a wrap.  FFA's are officially over.  I have to say, I am TRHILLED. TO. DEATH. that's is finally November.  The FFA's really did help October to whiz by.  Now the Holidays are upon us and I am glowing with excitement.  There couldn't be a more perfect ending to our time together than this video.  I think it speaks for itself.  OH how I LOVE my man!  I do appreciate you all for tuning in for the last 31 days.  Thank you and good night.