The Sweetest Thing

I'm back in my writing corner. It is warm in here because the hallway vent and the den vent are both blowing on me. Blasts of heat = perfect writing temperature.

So some of you have heard the story about our neighbor who fell right outside our apartment and broke her ankle. I witnessed the entire tragedy, yelled for Chuck and we both ran outside to help. It was an awful situation for our neighbor. I want to spare the details for her privacy, but it was truly traumatic.

She ended up being in the hospital for two weeks with multiple surgeries. Throughout this situation it has been a pleasure for Chuck and I to serve our neighbor and her mother (who flew up to help her daughter as she recovers). Though it is such a tough situation for our neighbor, it has been great to build a relationship with her and her mom.

Today I went over to their apartment to check in on the ladies. They invited me in and as we were chatting, my neighbor said, "I'm glad you're here. I have something for you and Chuck." To my utter surprise, she handed me two hats. I literally gasped. She MADE Chuck and I each a different winter hat. Like literally KNITTED them for us! My hat is the most adorable style and it's PURPLE! How amazing is that?! Chuck's is gray and black, which he totally needed.

I am touched that she would do such a sweet thing for us. I don't think I have ever been so surprised and graced with such a special gift.

I convinced Chuck to model his hat with me. I cherish this day and how much this hat means to me.




Writing Corner

So far during our 8 months of marriage, the den has served the purpose of storing our desks and book shelves. Though Chuck does use his desk for the intended purpose, my desk somehow turned into a space for stuff I didn't feel like dealing with. After some re-organizing and throwing away of useless papers my desk came back with a vengeance! Several weeks ago I created a little writing corner for myself.

Since that time I have submitted an article to a magazine and am waiting for approval (or not!) from the board of editors to see if it will be published. I have also been able to submit some ideas to a different magazine with hopes to be published there as well. Lastly, a project for a friend's blog (to be posted sometime in the near future) has been completed as well. I have high hopes for all of these opportunities and am equally excited to see how God works out the details!

In the midst of these quests, God also brought a new friend into my life who shares my passion for writing as well as editing.  (Thanks for your helpful feedback on my article girl!) She is currently working on a novel series with her first book almost complete. I admire her greatly. She has motivated me to move forward in my pursuit of writing. We have decided to join forces as a mini-writing group on occasion. Meeting with a fellow-writer, reading each others work, and sipping coffee at a Starbucks brings such life to my soul! I get giddy just thinking about it. Reminds me of my glorious days at The Loft in Minneapolis. Besides the people, that is something I miss the most about living in MN.

 As to what I'm going to work on next, that is unclear.  I believe my writing is a passion that ebbs and flows as I feel led or inspired.  In the meantime, I am enjoying sitting in my writing corner sharing my thoughts here with the world at large.

Beginning of the Rest of our Lives

As a sweet gift for me, Chuck compiled just a few of our professional photographs taken by Joanna Nunemaker with the assistance of Janean Truax put to music with one of my favorite compilations. If you attended our wedding, I think you will find the music quite familiar.

We wanted to share some of these captured moments of the day that marked the beginning of the rest of our lives together as a married couple. We can't praise God enough for such a perfect wedding day and divine pairing of us as husband and wife.

Thank you Chuck for working so hard to create this wonderful video! Thank you Joanna for creating such uniquely artistic and personal photographs. Our picture dreams have come true!