Highlight of my Summer

Last summer, the highlight for me was a Bible study I did through Beth Moore's blog. She hosts a Bible study every summer through her blog, and it's an amazing resource. This year I am going to do one again with some of the same girls, and a few new ones. We will be going through Kelly Minter's book, "What Love Is". The cool thing is, there will be a free video posted every Tuesday! I know Kelly's family from VA, but haven't actually met her yet. I look forward to the day. I've done two of her studies, and they are wonderful! So excited to dive into the Scriptures with some great women this summer! It's one of my favorite things to do!!!


A Lot

There's just a lot going on in our home, and with our people right now. I rarely have time to sit at the computer, and even more rarely have time to write a blog. Right now one baby is sleeping, and the other should be sleeping, but she's content on the couch next to me so I wanted to take this [very small] window of time to process some things. I have to leave to take one babe to the doctor soon so we'll see how much I get written.


So many people have been praying for us, especially Jase, and we are extremely grateful! In the last month he has had 3 boughts of fever, with some of them going pretty high. He had a seizure with one of the fevers, and we are so grateful the seizures didn't happen during his other fevers. We are asking God to heal him of these seizures now and forever! Currently Jase has a cold, which has gone on for a week now. We are hoping to find a way to get Jase on Juice Plus to help his immune system. Despite all of this, he continues to be one action-packed, happy little guy!


Sweet girl see's so many different specialists, I feel like our life is governed by all her appointments. She continues to go to physical therapy for her neck every week. Between our insurance, and the prosthetics/orthotics company, we've been waiting weeks for her helmet. It's been very frustrating. Her peek window of time to be wearing her helmet is between 4-6 months, and she's already well on her way to turning 5 months old. We started this whole process when she was TWO months old. And we only have ONE month until our insurance year starts over, which means we would have to pay for her entire helmet, instead of half of it. The frustration makes me shake inside. Tomorrow we have our first appointment with a program through the government, which we are hoping will help with our medical expenses, and would mean a physical therapist might come to our home for free every week instead of us paying a $60 copay. B is still supposed to see a plastic surgeon in a few weeks, but I am hoping that at her well visit today the pediatrician will agree we don't need to go anymore. On top of all of this, she also has a cold which has gone on for well over a week.

Chuck & Me

We have been looking to buy a house for quite sometime, and are continually discouraged. We will not pour thousands and thousands of dollars into a house that does not suit us and our needs. We just won't. A lot of the houses out there are so gross, I can't even believe people would post pictures! Speaking of gross, I've been feeling really yucky all week. Then last night I felt like some sort of lump appeared in my throat. This morning Chuck described the same symptom. When I looked into his mouth with a flashlight, I could see sores. I'm assuming I have the same sores in the back of my throat, too. We are also assuming we have contracted HFM or another gross virus. I feel like screaming. I rarely leave the house, and when I do it often feels more stressful than if I just stayed home.

There are actually so many other things going on, too, but these are the ones that take up most of my brain power.

Good News

To end on a high note, we recently received a check from an organization that wanted to help us with our medical expenses. God really provided at the perfect time because we had many bills due! Overall, I would say we are joyful in the midst of this. But that's only the power of God because I don't even feel like I'm in the mood to be joyful, yet somehow I am because He lives in me!


Kid's Museum in Richmond, VA.

Basye and I went to NJ for one night, and Chuck surprised me by getting Jase's hair cut! Twins!

Memorial Day!