Several months ago I wrote a query letter to an editor of a Christian magazine.  In the letter I explained my article idea and the outline for my piece.  I didn't hear anything back so two weeks later I emailed the magazine editor again.  I still hadn't gotten a reply so after awhile I gave up on the idea.  Well, the day after I wrote my last post I received an email back from that very editor stating his interest in my proposed article idea!  What a major answer from God!  Just as I was feeling completely lost as a writer God charged in, picked me up, set me on my feet, and pushed me in the exact direction He wants me to go!

I'm back!

I have my role back and it has been glorious so far today.  Being a career woman for one week was a great experience.  I loved dressing up every day (Even though I would have had to repeat those outfits all over again this week if I continued to be in the business cas world.).  It made me feel a little more powerful, a little more like I fit into DC.  Step into any grocery, Target, or mall store and the norm is to be surrounded by women in their clicking heels, fancy dress pants, and professional purses slung over their shoulders.  I was one of them for a week and it was really fun!  I enjoyed meeting new people.  I had a great time keeping the office kitchen organized and indulged in many a Kuerig beverage.  I learned some new office skills, namely Excel, although that is still a bit of a traumatizing program for me.

There were, of course, issues during the week that bothered me but it's over now and I'm thankful.  I am so happy to be back at home, catching up on my list of things I am behind on.  I feel rested, stress-free, relaxed, and full of joy in the midst of my work.  It's work that I enjoy!  I enjoy working hard at something I find value and life in.

Chuck continues to encourage me to pursue writing.  It's hard for me to explain but I feel quite burdened with the notion that I should or could be a writer.  Since my dear sweet husband knows I enjoy writing he likes to push me to accomplish my dreams of succeeding in this area.

But most of the time I feel way more excited to get work done around our apartment, run errands, organize, create lists, meet with friends, go to Bible study, prepare meals, host dinners and more then to try and pursue writing.  Writing just feels like a burden.  That's the only way I know to describe it.  Maybe it's because that has been an expectation on me and I feel if I don't ever pursue this seriously then I will have failed.  I don't want to fail!  I don't want to look back on my life and think, "I wish I had written a book", or "I wish I had been published more", or "I wish ....".

What I do want is to be able to look back on my life and know that I served God with my whole heart, I served, loved, respected and cherished my husband and that I was a light for Jesus on this earth, loving those around me.  THAT is what I hope.  If I can accomplish any of those things through writing, then so be it.  But right now I don't know what to do about that....  


Fourth day come and gone!  Projects galore piled up and up and up all day long.  I didn't even get out on time.  Tomorrow doesn't look too relaxing either.  I felt quite overwhelmed today.  I miss watering the plants!  But I have to say, at least the day flew by!  I'm sure my very last day will fly by equally as fast considering all the projects I have waiting for me.  Chuck and I are going OUT on a date to celebrate the end of my one-week job!  We got a gift card and can't wait to blow it.  I'm thankful for this week and the valuable experience I gained.  I am smarter.  I am wiser.  I enjoyed being a career woman for 45.4 hours!

1 day to go!  TGIF!

So Long Day 3

Good-night office!  See you in the morning!

Plants, Day 3

My task this morning was to water the plants.  HOT DOG.  The plants are fed.  So here I sit.  I find it quite humorous, actually.  I don't mind in the least sitting at a desk waiting for the phone to ring.  It is only the first hour of the day so I'm sure things will get busier as the other hours go by.

I just have to praise God!  Last week at this time I was really nervous about filling in here for one week.  The first 2 days have gone really well and I know it's because people are praying for me.  Tonight during our teen shepherd groups, we will be discussing "What does walking with God mean?"  Well as I sit here contemplating that, it is so clear that THIS is walking with God.  It is being with God at a desk, listening to songs that praise His name on Pandora, reflecting on his goodness and grace in my life, and having the best attitude no matter what may come at me today.  Walking with God is recognizing Him by my side at every moment.  Even when I'm watering plants!  I seriously could cry just realizing anew how God weaves every circumstance in life for His glory and His purposes. 

I praise you in this moment God!  Thank you for your sweet Spirit who lives within me and draws me nearer to you. 

Day 3 has just begun...

Day 2 with a Different Shoe

It rhymed, what can I say?  Plus I did wear different shoes today then yesterday.  1 hour to go and my second day will be complete.  Today there were several glitches that popped up. 

First being I do not own a lot of "business casual" attire.  Not sure why they call it that.  There isn't much "casual" to it.  I will be repeating pants several times.  I threw in a load of laundry at 11 last night, and threw that load into the dryer at 6 this morning.  I think my pants are tighter and shorter.

Due to my ride (which I totally appreciate!) we were late to work this morning and that already puts me on edge.  Other little things were bumpy throughout the morning, but all in all it's been another lovely day in my one-week career as the front desk girl!

The day goes by pretty quickly and I have yet to be bored!  I am getting to know people's names and how to work with them which is great!  Less then an hour to go and I'm not dreading tomorrow.  Wonder of wonders!  Praise be to God!

Day 1 Almost Done

Two words:  Keurig Coffee.  I'm infatuated.  This office has its own Keurig Coffee maker with quite a large variety of coffees including DECAF, teas, and hot chocolate!  I couldn't be happier sitting at a huge desk, on a computer where I can write on my own blog, drinking decaf hazelnut coffee with hazelnut creamer that they keep in the kitchen.  Not only that, but there's an endless supply of soda's (FREE) and today there was lunch from Panera (FREE)!  I  really like it here.

More then that, the people are friendly and my boss is super helpful!  I have 45 minutes to go and I am pretty sure I won't be crying tonight at the thought of coming in tomorrow!  Use me God, however.  Thanks for praying y'all!  Keep it up!

Yay for Day 1!


Tomorrow.  Yes tomorrow I will be starting a new job.  I will adorn myself in heels, dress pants, button-down shirts, fancy little sweaters, and do my hair up like a real professional.  You know the look.  Hair blown straight, brushed smoothly back from the face, fastened in place with a tight elastic band   I will carry around my coffee tumbler feeling like a real working girl.  I may even wear my glasses.  I will be sitting at a desk in front of a computer, answering the phone with my most pleasant and "have a lovely day" kind of tone.

Tomorrow.  Yes tomorrow I will be a big, fat FRAUD.  Though I may be clicking around an office in heels and fancy pants, I will be longing for my jeans, sweaters, and new Ugg boots.  Though I may be carrying my fancy Starbucks coffee tumbler, inside there will be decaf tea.  Though I may be sitting at a desk answering the phone with a pleasant  "have a lovely day" kind of tone, I will be longing to be where I belong.  Home.

Tomorrow.  Yes tomorrow I will walk through those office doors feeling that I do not belong.  Though I will be completing the tasks I am assigned, I will know inside that it is not who I am.  One thing I do know is this.  God has placed me in a specific office with very specific people.  With all my heart I desire to shine the love of God into that work environment.  I desire to be a light in a dark place.  I desire to reach out.  I want to smile because my heart is freed by the love of God.

Tomorrow.  Yes tomorrow I am EXCITED to meet new people, hopefully make new friends, and most importantly share the love of God!  I haven't had many opportunities since being a stay-at-home-wife to get out into the community and love!  Now is my chance.  Though I'm afraid, though I'm nervous, though I'm scared because I have no blessed clue how to work the job I've been hired to do, I am on a mission.

Tomorrow.  Yes tomorrow, God will be my courage, He will be my guide, and I pray He will use me.  If even for one week.  That's right.  I'm working for 1 week.  I guess I can handle it.  ;) Come next Sunday afternoon, my one week career will be behind me and I can go on living my glorious, adored, best job in the world, stay-at-home life!

Tomorrow.  Yes tomorrow, would you pray for me?  I am going to check in during this venture as the week progresses. 

My life as a fraud.  Take one.


Birthdays are humbling.  Family and friends sending cards, gifts, receiving phone calls, and surprise cookie cakes truly touched my heart.  

My parents got me a web cam and it was a blast talking and SEEING my family for a couple hours.  Chail is finally calling me "Ta Ta" or "Tee Tee" (Auntie)!  He had called me that last time I saw him, but I wasn't sure if it was a fluke.  Then, on my birthday while we were Skyping  Luke said, "Who is that?" (pointing to me on the screen) and Chail gleefully announced, "Ta Ta!"  Oh how I melted into a big 'ol puddle. 

This year was even more humbling because it was my first birthday as Chuck's wife.  True to who he is, from morning until night he made me feel like a Queen.  (Although I must say, that is how he consistently treats me anyway!)

This was clearly a "from morning" shot...

One of Chuck's unique creations!

Out to eat at THEE phenomenal Arties.
Thanks to a gift card- yay!

The food was FABULOUS!  Neither of us can remember the last time we had such a delicious out-to-eat meal.  We almost died at how the rolls just melted in our mouths.

It is times like these when I am just overwhelmed at God's gifts to me.  I do not deserve a loving family or loving friends, but God so graciously see's fit that He pours out His love on me through them.  As if a personal relationship with God weren't enough He also gives us His body (His people) all to lavish His love all the more.  Thank you God!  

Entertainment Until I'm Better