New Journey

well, as many of you know, i have been taking a different direction in life. this week, three of my friends and i have decided that this is the road we would like to head down. we are excited about this new journey and all the ways we will learn and grow. if any of you would like to join us, please contact me. we would love to have you apart of our group. our motto is: "Jesus will never break your heart." we will spend lots of time eating foods on a stick, having our faces sculpted out of butter, learning to spin basketballs on our fingers, overcoming phobias of spiders and mice, teaching our creepy pet cats to jump off 33 floor balconies, making our own food every night for supper...even french toast, going to camp and taking numerous naps a day, embracing our femininity- even the color pink, watching "step up" at least twice a day, and never ever will we talk about boys.
shout out to my pink habit homies!

Head On Collision

my little brother was involved in a serious car accident this past week. it was a head on collision. both his truck, along with the oncoming vehicle, were totaled. God spared my brother's life! johnny walked away with a broken bone in his hand, tons of scrapes, cuts, etc. (the air bag went off), and his worst injury was to his knee. he had previously had ACL surgery this summer, and that knee was reinjured in the accident. his knee is so swollen and bruised that the doctor has to see him again in 2 weeks before they can know what's wrong. his knee is grotesquely huge and colored. he is in a lot of pain. mom sent a picture, but of course, it won't work on my blog. anyway...please pray for john mark! he is really discouraged, and obviously needs major healing! praise God he's alive... i am praying... i love you johnny!


yes, that's right everyone. today, as of 10:30 am, i am officially certified as a COFFEE MASTER! i would like to thank my family, friends, and all those who made this possible. i coudn't have done it without you. HAHA!! seriously, though! i'm totally stoked!! God is so good to me. so good.

MN State Fair

what's with the state fair anyways?

Coffee Theology

tomorrow at this time, i very well might be a coffee master. yes, that's correct, i said coffee master. tomorrow morning i am being re-tested on the final two components that prove whether or not i know my coffee stuff. you think i'm kidding? oh no, no, no. in fact, my friend, i have been working on my coffee master's for months now. it involves everything from the dirt in which the coffee bean is grown, to the farmer's who tend to the coffee farms, to the roasting "curve" starbucks is infamous for, to the packaging of our beans, to the brewing equipment in our store, to the quality of our beverages...and on and on and on it goes. my district manager will be testing me orally on my knowledge of our company, and it's product: coffee.

it quite fankly reminds me of college when i had my theology orals. that was a wretched experience, one that i hope i never have to suffer through ever again. but, much like my theo orals, i am expected to know, retain, and explain every aspect of coffee and it's whole realm of existence. crazy all there is to know about one silly little bean that has our world wracking in billions of dollars every year. literally. starbucks sells about 110 million bags of coffee each year. that equals around 400 billion cups of coffee. crazy!

so, let's hope i come home sporting my new exclusive black apron tomorrow. a dream come very own black apron. no more silly green apron for this girl. no siree! seriously, though...i have worked very hard to get to this point, if i become a master, well...let's just wait and see what happends tomorrow morning....


Tonight, all is well in the world. My world. It’s almost mid August, and I have had sudden fears lately that summer is quickly coming to an end. I have begun to stop and smell the roses, if you will. Things like enjoying the warmth and rush of heat when I first step out side in the morning; or going for my morning jog and talking my life over with God; or walking at a beautiful lake with a dear friend and lazily bantering about life and what could be; or sitting here in my apartment all alone listening to one of my favorite sounds in all the world…summer chirping bugs. It only happens in the summer with the windows wide open, the still heat wrapping my body in its embrace, and the bugs singing their soothing melodies that speak directly to my soul.
A soul that reflects my Savior’s peace. A peace that only comes from a God who knows me intimately, deeply- a God who knows my heart and all its hidden chambers and passages. A God who is whispering quietly to my soul, my very being, that all is well in my world.
A God who is gently leading me where I never thought it possible to go. He is opening the door to a new chapter in my life, and each day I am more certain that He has something bigger then I could imagine for my life. My God is leading me to write. He has given me a passion to express, to put life into words, to create art out of letters. (Why else would I be typing this letter on a Saturday night? Ha!) I have nothing to write about that doesn’t include Him. It would be like trying to hang out with my engaged friend and expecting her not to talk about her future husband (in only 26 more days!).
God is leading me to write some how and in some way. Whether that is through more schooling, or working for a publishing company, I am not sure. I just know that I have to take that step of faith and go for it. I want to write, and be used by God in this way, however that may look.
In order for this to become a reality, and not just a dream, I have to work hard at it and pursue it. It has become clear to me that it’s time for my days with Consumed Ministries (as an official staff member) to end. It has been a difficult decision, as I have loved being apart of this ministry. God has brought us through so much, and he has chosen to allow me to be apart of something that has forever changed my life.
I am humbled by your prayers, support, gifts, love, and belief of God in me. You have partnered with me in an incredible way, and I am eternally grateful. It is unfathomable that you would support me and cheer me on no matter the cost. Thank you. Thank you for walking with me on this journey, and always believing in me.
Though my staff days with Consumed are ending, nothing could shake the bond that I have with this family. I will continue to reside in Minneapolis, participate in Consumed functions, and will maintain involvement with our established community. This just means that I am going to have to work at Starbucks full time now (to support myself financially) and will be freed up to really pursue writing education, or a career- wherever God leads!
I am indebted to you for your constant love, care, concern and support of me and what God has for my life. I can’t thank you enough. Please know from the depth of my heart how truly grateful I am for all your support. It means more to me then you’ll ever know. I pray that God richly blesses you for your involvement in my life. I would ask that you continue to be involved by praying for me as I blindly follow God down a new road less traveled for me. It’s exciting for me to walk hand-in-hand with my Father as he navigates me to the most astounding places that I never knew existed!
Feel free to ask me any questions, give me any feedback or comments, etc. I love you, and I want you to continue on this journey called life together with me!
I hope all is well in your world. Not because the circumstances are perfect, or because things are going your way. But, maybe because there are summer bugs chirping outside your window, or summer air hugging you every morning when you walk outside… or maybe because you have stopped to listen to God’s gentle words whispering to your soul…


thanks to thee mr. james miller (never call him "jame") i now have titles, and have learned how to add pictures. thank you james!


Two years ago today, life as I knew it was forever altered. My heart was ripped from my body and shattered into millions of pieces. Two years ago today, my heart was turned into tiny grains of black sand and the painful, turbulent winds of life blew those grains all over the world. Two years ago today, I thought it would be impossible to put all those grains of sand that were my heart back into one solid mass. Have you ever tried to clean up a pile of sand? It’s impossible. The grains are too tiny, too miniscule to be able to restore them. Two years ago today, I didn’t think I would ever be a person again. Two years ago today, I never would have known that my Father God could turn the sickness and agony of my broken life into something beautiful and good. Two years ago today, I never would have pictured myself living in Minneapolis on my own, all by myself, and happy.
Today I am here to tell you that I am whole. I am a person again. I live, and breathe, and revel in my God. I exist to love Him, and love others. It’s my calling in life, and I love where that role takes me.
It brings me to a secular job with a huge variety of people to love and pour myself into. It brings me to a job where I can listen to people’s hurts, and show them a life restored and renewed by a powerful God. MY powerful God.
This role brings me to be able to spend a week at a Bible camp with six teenaged girls. I was able to love them, share with them, and pray for them. I was privileged to be used by God on that trip.
The role also provides me with a chance to work with a woman to help her write her story. I am able to use my passion to write to help someone else express how God has worked in her life in the most painful of circumstances.
I am also able to look forward to meeting with a group of college girls from a secular campus every week. I get to invest in their lives, share God with them, and live life together with Him. What more could I ask for?
I am astounded that it’s two years later today. I am in awe to know God in a deeper, intimate, more loving way then I ever imagined possible. I can go to bed tonight, yes, aching over what happened- grieving, always grieving- but with a thankful and restored heart.
Impossible? No, not with my God. He can turn tiny, miniscule black grains of sand into some thing solid, pure, and beautiful. He gives beauty for ashes.


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