I do want to share Jesus...the good news!

Finding out that my Doctor was switching practices was a big bummer.  I felt an emotional attachment to her on a number of levels.  Not the least of these being I hadn't shared Christ's love with her yet.  This led me to my typical best course of action:  I wrote her a letter.  I thanked her for numerous personal things, and went on to tell her how God loved her.  Since I am apart of a fantastic church body, Reston Bible Church, I also invited her to come anytime.  The letter got put in the mail, with high hopes it would actually reach my Doctor before she left.

Weeks later, I was still going into the office every week for blood work (still am for that matter, what a loooooong process- have I mentioned how long this process is?!).  Last Monday I sat in my usual gray blood-drawing seat.  I am so not a fan of those seats.  You know the ones with the arm "rest" thing that comes down in front of you and traps you onto the seat so you can't get out?  My arm never feels at rest there, that's for sure.  Ugh.  While waiting for the inevitable, the office manager wandered in to check in on how I was doing.  I'll call her Sara.

Sara was full of  kindness and sorrow for me.  Very touching.   She began to share with me that she's not a spiritual person but during times like losing a baby she has to wonder about such things.  Ding ding ding!  I LOVE TO SHARE JESUS!  And God gave me the most wonderful chance to tell her how good God had been to me during such a sad time.  I got to share how God had been my comfort.  She then questioned how I could still feel so sad if God was my comfort?  In so many words, I told her honestly that God was my strength for each day and that was enough, even though it still hurt.

THEN ladies and gentlemen, Sara said to me, "Didn't you write the Dr. a letter?"  She continued, "It was the most beautiful letter.  And didn't you invite her to your church?  What church was that?"  Oh my.  As we continued to talk, I told her all about RBC with joy in my heart.  I got to tell her how God had used the people of that church to really lift me up during this time.  Sara then said, "Well, the Dr. definitely got your letter before she left."  Hallelujah.

Nothing forced, nothing unnatural.  Just God opening wide the door to a great conversation during a time and in a place I would never have been able to predict.  This is exactly how I love to share the love of Jesus.  God has used this scenario to lift my spirits and remind me that I do love to talk about Him.  Just because I don't enjoy being guilted in to sharing the gospel with people, doesn't mean I don't love sharing HIM!

Thank you God for such an amazing opportunity.

I do want to share Jesus...

Lately Chuck and I have attended conferences, camps, or heard speakers that have frankly made me feel like the worst Christian ever.  I was literally sitting at a conference where I was told to get out my cell phone immediately and call an unsaved friend right  then and there and share the gospel with them.  Excuse me?

Now please hear my heart, I WANT TO SHARE THE LOVE OF JESUS WITH PEOPLE.  Yes, I do!  Especially with friends that I care deeply for.  Even with strangers for that matter.  I want to share about what God has done in my life and how He can do that in their's too.  But I don't not want to shove it super awkwardly at them with some random phone call.  I will say that I called my friend and invited her to go for coffee instead, thus building a relationship with her first.  I've been pretty down in the dumps about what a bad witness I am though.  OK, I don't really believe that about myself, but that's how these speakers have made me feel.

Well today I had lunch with a friend.  I had shared with her my regrets at not telling my Doctor about God in my life before she switched practices.  She had been the one to first tell me that our baby's heart was not beating and that it looked like I would miscarry.  I can't imagine how she must have felt when she did the ultrasound, and could not find a heart beat.  I had no clue.  I was gazing at the ultrasound screen mesmerized by the very first siting of our deeply beloved baby.  It was exciting for me!  And I was feeling a little upset because I had told Chuck not to come as I "knew the appointment would be no big deal."  In my naivety I thought, "Well, he'll get to be here next week to see this!" and went on with gazing at our incredible child.  But the Doctor knew right away something was wrong.  As she shared the news that would absolutely rip my heart out, she did it with kindness, understanding, and such warmth.

I sat vulnerably on the table covered in that humbling little sheet and silently tried not to cry.  Tears were unavoidable, and my Doctor sat there with me as they flowed freely down my cheeks.  How must she have felt?  I could muster no audible word besides, "OK", and I'm not even sure if that's technically a real word.

After that heartbreaking appointment my Doctor shared confidentially with us that she would be moving to a new practice.  The disappointment and sadness kicked in right away.  I was touched that she shared this news with Chuck and I.  We were able to express our gratitude to her.  She said she really liked me and  that greatly touched my heart .


I'm not a fan of super long posts and this has gone on long enough.  Too be continued...