We are THANKING God today! Chuck was officially offered a position with IBM today! Praise the LORD!!! =) And YES, he accepted the position! WHOO HOOOOOO!!!! THANKS for praying!

I'm a Bride...Sigh.

I woke up this morning in a haze but when I came to, I realized, "Next week at this time I will be a married woman!" Of course I called Chuck right away!

I'm just so happy. It's the most incredible feeling on the planet to be The Bride. I went to Heritage this morning and felt like a movie star. People were coming up to me saying, "Uh...big event this week, huh?" Or, "Some one's getting married soon!" or "How many more days??" I LOVE IT! It's SUCH a blast! I knew I couldn't wait to marry Chuck, but I had no idea how much FUN the week before the wedding would be!

Tonight I am going out with 2 of my beautiful bridesmaids! I'm just so excited to be with them and talk the night away. I am one very very blessed woman!

Today my Grammy gave me a GORGEOUS wedding gift: a glass candy dish with lid! I adore it! And she wrote me a beautiful card mentioning how much my Grampy and Chuck would have gotten along. I held it together, but I have been missing my Grampy throughout this whole process! I imagine him up in Heaven smiling down on us. I know he would be absolutely thrilled!

Update: God provided us with a BEAUTIFUL apartment! Chuck moved all our stuff in yesterday! I can hardly wait to settle us in. YAY!

We find out tomorrow if Chuck gets the job with IBM. PRAY!

I'm happy. =)

PRAY for us!

I've been catching up with some friends lately, and have realized that there are questions out there that are dying to be answered! Thought I'd take a minute to share some of what is going on with Chuck and I.

Most importantly, we are getting married in 16 days! Oh my goodness! If you have not RSVP'd yet, or for some reason did not see our invitation yet, check out: ASAP!

Here's the scoop y'all! Chuck has a passion and definite calling into youth ministry. He recently transitioned out of his position as Youth Director. He completed his master's degree in March (Seminary/Bible degree) and also the phase at his church. We feel God is leading us to stay out of full-time ministry during the first year of our marriage. Since Chuck received his undergrad degree in computer science, he has been searching for a computer programming position for this first year. He is extremely talented! I am so proud of this man that I am going to marry!

PLEASE PRAY FOR US! Chuck is still applying, interviewing and searching very hard for a job! Then once he has a job, and when we know where that will be, we will need to find an apartment. We are trusting that God will provide, but getting anxious since we will be married in 2 weeks!

Please pray! We are so grateful for all that God has done and we know will continue to do!