11 because it's November

1.  It's been one year since my Dad's 3rd open heart surgery!  God has made his heart healthy!

2.  God gave me a job for a day so now I am able to buy Chuck his own Christmas presents, not using his money!

3.  Chail.  He brings me such joy!  I love him like I've never loved any baby in my whole life!

4.  God has given us an awesome Shepherd Group to be apart of.

5.  God has given me an incredible study on the book of Esther (by Beth Moore) and a great group of ladies to study with.

6.  I am working with a sweet group of teen girls, leading their Shepherd Group.

7.  I am a stay-at-home-wife, it is the best job on the planet. 

8.  I no longer have to work on Thanksgiving Day.
9.  There is a new member arriving in our family in the next several months!

10.  My apartment.  It's so homey and is my most favorite place to be, especially when Chuck is home.

11.  I married my dream-come-true.  I couldn't have imagined a more perfect husband!  I love you, Love!

Praise the Lord!

Thank you God! My Dad received a clean bill of health from his heart surgeon today! We are all incredibly relieved! What an awesome early Christmas present! Thank you to everyone who was praying. Thank you so much.


Exactly one year ago today, my Dad underwent his 3rd open-heart surgery at The University of Penn hospital.  At this time last year, my family was waiting as my Dad's heart lie on an operating table...again.  That was certainly no game of  "Operation."  In this operation, there is no buzzer that sounds when you hit the wall.  It is a reality that we lived through and will forever praise God for.  It's a terrifying memory, but sweet at the same time.  Sweet because of God's overwhelming peace.  We felt God's presence so tangibly, it was as if He was literally hugging us all day.  And what a loooooong day it was.  Oh how the hours dragged by!

But praise God from whom ALL blessings flow, He brought my Dad through.  Just a few weeks ago my mom threw a semi-surprise party for my dad to celebrate all that God has done this year.  She took the people who were at the hospital the day of my dad's surgery out to an incredible steak dinner.  Then we went back to my parent's house for some of Julie's famous, delicious, and astounding CAKE!  (The same Julie who made our wedding cake.)  It was a night to remember and savor in our hearts.

 My Dad see's his surgeon in Philly tomorrow (Friday, November 20).  Please pray for him!  I know we've all been struggling a bit about worrying.  There's this looming fear that arises when the surgeon visits are scheduled.  Will he find some thing....again?  Pray that my Dad has a clean bill of health!

 I know God is overwhelmingly good to his children at ALL times.  I struggle with anxiety over my Dad's heart and all that he has gone through.  I know my Dad struggles, too.  Pray for him!  Though I believe God will be good no matter what the visit tomorrow shows, it is still hard to wait.  It is still hard to trust, but I wish it were easy for me.  It should be by now, right?

God's words to me today: (Phil. 4) 

The Lord is near.  And the God of peace will be with you.

Thank you God!

Father and Me


I'm not a morning girl by any stretch of the imagination.  This is in complete contrast to my husband who actually enjoys setting his alarm for 7:30am on the weekends.  On Sunday I told him to wake me up at 9am so I'd have time to get ready for church.  Promptly at 9, Chuck came in and began the routine of getting me up.  I typically just lie there, unmoving for several minutes.  Sometimes I make a noise or two to communicate something or rather.  

At some point in the haze of the morning routine, Chuck whispered in a sing song voice, "I have a surprise for you!"  Breakfast (food, of course!) was my first thought.  But then I heard him get up, pick up his laptop, and bring it back into bed.  After getting my glasses I rolled over and found THIS!

Chuck and I had scouted out many blog ideas on Saturday.  Since web design is his profession, he gets really excited to do any project of that nature.  We finally narrowed it down to this, my favorite idea.  Then, the next morning Chuck got up early and created this perfect new design just for me!

I was so excited I clicked on my blog all day just to admire his handy work.  I told him he should have waited until Christmas!  What a gift!  

I hope you enjoy the new look, I owe it all to the gifted and generous husband of mine! 


Chuck and I met exactly one year ago TODAY! Since I already wrote about that night 2 posts ago, I'll just say: PRAISE GOD FROM WHO ALL BLESSINGS FLOW! If you asked me one year ago today if I'd be married, I'd say "YAY RIGHT." Now here I am, 4 1/2 months into marriage with the man that has already surpassed all my wildest dreams! God. Is. MIND-BOGGLING. Thank you God!!!

I love you, Babe. Happy One-Year-Since-We-Met-Anniversary!

(and thank you, as always, KT!)

Let it Snow!

Notice anything new about my blog? (Thanks to my talented, computer savvy man!)

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! =)

I Rememer THE DAY!

I have made some new, sweet friends recently while leading a teen girl's Shepherd Group through our church. Inquiring minds wanted to know how Chuck and I met so I shared our story. There has been a request for me to WRITE out the story, and as promised, here I will tell it again. Happily! =)

A little over a year ago I moved to VA from MN. I began attending a church in the area comprised mostly of single, twenty to thirty-something adults called Frontline. The very first night I attended Frontline was the very last night anyone was able to sign up for a Fall Retreat they were having. I immediately went home and signed up! I was dying to get connected, and be involved in that church community. I already had 2 friends that were going, so they made sure we would be staying in the same room.

When I got to the retreat, my 2 friends introduced me to their friends! Low and behold, I met my friend, Katie for the first time. We clicked right away and became "Retreat Best Friends". Of course we talked A LOT about boys that weekend. As I was describing the type of guy I was interested in, Katie stopped on the sidewalk and said, "I know the perfect guy for you! He is a Youth Pastor, he dyes his hair, and he has piercings." What more did I need in a guy?! =)

When we got home from the retreat Katie showed me pictures of Chuck on Facebook. That's when I told her, now I HAVE to meet him! Boy was he gooooood lookin'! I certainly didn't want to pass up a chance with him.

A couple months later Katie was giving Chuck swimming lessons as he wanted to train for a triathlon. While they were doing that, I was slaving away working at Starbucks. As my shift was ending Katie called to ask if I wanted to join her and Chuck for a late dinner. I was instantly THRILLED! But then I realized what I was wearing. Ugh. Work khaki pants, a black work shirt, ugly black work shoes and to top it all off, I had worn a hat all night so I had hat hair! Of all nights to set me up with Chuck! Curiosity (or hormones!) got the best of me and I drove on over to TGI Fridays.

When I walked in the door, Chuck's back was to me. He had on a trendy, stylish hat and an earring in each ear (cartilage) which I had always loved on guys. Once I got to the table, the first thing Chuck did was stand up. He extended his hand and I was stunned. When was the last time a guy was gentlemanly enough to stand and shake my hand? I felt so special already!

I chose to sit next to Katie, across from the terribly good looking boy to have a better view. The three of us chatted the night away! We discussed a variety of topics, laughed, ate, and even shared our hearts. I even mentioned this blog at one point, in hopes Chuck might catch the bait. (He posted a comment the very next day! Whoo hoo!)

We all said our good-byes and I hoped I would hear from him some day. Of course Katie called me the SECOND we were in our cars! We died laughing because she had told me so much about Chuck in advance, but the poor guy had no clue he was being set up!

Little did I know that Chuck went home that night and told his roommate, "I don't know what it is about that girl (ME!), but I have to see her again!" (Ugly Starbucks clothes and all!)

And THAT my friends, is how it all began! =)