Last week I commented to Chuck that we don't do crazy dates anymore.  He smiled at me and countered, "Would you want to go dancing if I planned that?"  I smiled back with my reply, "No!"  His grin said what he didn't have to voice.  He was right.  I AM A HOME BODY.  If choosing what my favorite thing to do would be, in my heart of hearts, I just want to be home with my husband.  That's all.  Nothing fancy, nothing crazy, nothing planned, just home with my Love.  I love our home, and I love our relationship.  What more could I desire?

Chuck and I spend a minimum of 3 nights a week- every week,  away from home surrounded by people, mostly teens.  We love that and love our time with others, but when there is a fee weekend evening, you better believe I want to be home.  Last Friday night we found ourselves at home for the first time in weeks!  We had pretty much spent the previous month with his family and were almost caught off guard that we actually didn't have plans.  What a glorious discovery!

Once in awhile Chuck will accompany me to the grocery store (not his favorite activity, but it really helps me out and it's so much more fun!).  The deal is (thanks to his Mama), he gets to pick out a treat at the store if he comes.  Yes, my husband is 29 years old.  =)  So last Friday afternoon we headed out to the store to pick up some groceries so we could take our friends dinner.  While shopping, Chuck was struck with an idea for a dessert we should try.  I agreed and he claimed the ingredients as his treat.  (Note:  I am very strict with our grocery budget!)

Later that evening, we found ourselves excited to try this new version of a dessert we had in Germany.  Chuck's friends had made us some sort of pastry deal one day and explained to him (in GERMAN) how to make it.  We both had our own ideas so we had a Pastry-Off.  Chuck made half, and I made half.  We rolled out the dough, cut it into our particular squares and added the strawberry filling. 
Roll it....

Chuck claims he won the Pastry-off because his LOOKED nicer than mine.  I claim we tied because they all exploded in the oven and caused a mess of strawberry all over the pan!

Pat it...
Put it on the pan...(I forget the rest of that rhyme, haha!)
And our leftovers!
Just a nice, good 'ol, regular evening at HOME!