Hospital Talk

dad, mom, and i were talking in the hospital one day last week. we're baffled by all that God has done in our family, and all that He has brought us through. the past two years have been so painful. our hearts have had to deal with a lot of hurt. whether it be an emotional heart or a physical heart, our hearts have been wounded deeply. but, we have been showered with the rains of God's love. never have i known such love then the love of our Father being poured out on us in the midst of such horrible and wretched circumstances. as my parents and i talked, i made the wish that my heart could be healed by heart surgery. they readily agreed. God is the ultimate surgeon, i know. i know that healing takes time. for dad, it will be a life time of medication, check ups, restrictions and such...for me? well, what of my life? what of my heart? how long will it be before my heart is healed? i am thankful for the power of healing, and protection God's hand has ordained in my dad, and in me. i am really thankful. more thankful then i can express. but, i am still left to wonder, what of my life?

I Made It

we're home. we made it. my dad's first words to me, after surgery (after they took the tube out of his throat) were, "i made it." and he did. praise the Lord. and i want to say that i would still be praising the Lord, even if dad hadn't made it. thankfully, i don't have to choose. dad keeps saying, "why me? why did God choose to spare me?" he's amazed that God chose to protect him, and watch over him, when other patients around him were not doing so well. my family is more then thankful. we're filled with relief. so much so, that when we got back last night (after a stressful drive, i might add!) dad, mom, and i just cried together. it's been such a difficult road. and yet we still have a long way to go. my parents especially. dad got sent home with a PICC in his arm. (an IV) he will be on anti-biotics for around 6 weeks. we have a home nurse coming. mom could learn to do some things, but it's very scary. the end of the PICC goes right above his heart. i don't think we want to be messing with that. it costs $10 a day for the nurse to come (co-pay), but we can not put a price on dad's heart! we are so thankful that dad is home. you should see his arms and hands. all bruised and colored from all the iv's, blood work, and shots in the hospital. he's certainly relieved to be back here. we even watched idol together last night! (the three of us) we thank God for bringing us home safely and for protecting dad in such a powerful way. dad is weepy. mom is weepy. i try not to be weepy! thank YOU for praying!! thank you from the bottom of my heart for praying for my dad, and for us! we would not have made it through without the power of YOUR prayers.