What Everyone Should Know About God

"What is IMPOSSIBLE with men is POSSIBLE with God!" Not only do we read this in the Bible (Luke chapter 18, and about 7 other passages), but I have seen this play out with my own two eyes.

I found out about the Write Brilliant Academy about two months ago. Since then I have taken 4 different (FREE!) webinars and mini-courses. God used the course instructors Jonathan and Margaret to powerfully influence me. They wooed me to attend their Write Brilliant Academy like a 16 year old boy looking for a Prom date! My heart has been racing with excitement and anticipation over this opportunity.

The only hitch- the Academy costs a big chunk of change. A chunk of change we absolutely do not have. So about 7 days ago Chuck and I began to ask God to do the impossible and provide the money. We even pinned up a dollar bill in our kitchen and wrote, "1,000" on it to remind us God would do the impossible. We had 8 days to enroll before it closed, but I told Chuck I wanted God to provide today, Monday.

This morning the money had not come in, but I still had several hours until enrollment closed. I got down on my knees and brought my desire before the Spirit once again. Much later in the day as Chuck and I were watching the kids peel and eat (EW!) their dyed hard-boiled Easter eggs, GOD MADE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE! 

With 7 hours and 38 minutes to spare, He suddenly parted the waters and paved a way for me to enroll in the WRITE BRILLIANT ACADEMY! I have been asked by a third party not to share the details- though I am bursting to gush about it- but know we have been blown away by our amazing Father God!

What seems impossible to you? Bring it to Jesus and watch him knock your socks off.

That's all for now, I have some classes to attend!