It seems as if the unexpected, most shocking events that happen in life come during the mundane moments. 6 weeks ago our little family was sitting around the dinner table. It was no different than any other typical dinner with 2 preschoolers. Chips, salsa, taco sauce, and beef were flying around the table, drinks were spilling, and siblings were screaming at each other. Nothing unusual. Chuck and I began catching up on our days. He’s usually very easy to read, but this particular night, I had not sensed anything out of the ordinary. Halfway through dinner, he looked me straight in the face and said, “I lost my job.”

The chaos around me faded into the background, a buzz began sounding in my ears, and my body began tingling from head to toe. I stared into Chuck’s face as the room around him became blurry. At first the shock was my comfort. Numbness took over my ability to feel. The shock wore off at 2:37 that morning. I was jolted out of a sound sleep, the pain so immense it seemed to strangle every bone, every joint, every muscle. I curled up into a ball under my covers, wide awake until dawn. 

The grief and the pain have been a constant friend for the better part of the last 6 weeks. A darkness rested on me and there have been days I haven’t been able to peel myself off of my sheets. The tears have been relentless, the pain prominent.


A week or so after losing the job, Chuck and I sensed God leading us to put our house up for sale. We had no idea if it would sell, or not. We didn’t know if we’d be staying in PA or moving on. But in faith, we listed our house less than 2 years after purchasing it. All home owners know this is never a wise idea. We held our breath and hoped we would at least break even. 

Our house was put on the market late in the day on a Tuesday, and it sold that Thursday. God has used family to provide us with a house to live in. And not just a house, a house on a farm surrounded by mountains as far as the eye can see. The view is so remarkable it almost seems fake.

So, as we get ready to say good-bye to Pennsylvania and head south, my hope is fixed on God alone. I trust His character. I never doubt His plans to continue to prosper us. He has lifted the darkness. He will continue to wipe my tears. He will be my courage. Thank you Jesus for covering us in your grace.

Our new drive way!

The view from our new front yard!


Melody Martin said...

Wow, Abigail! Praying that your new place and next phase will be a time of rest! Praying that Chuck finds an amazing new job!

Flamingo said... it a bit odd to be jealous?? lol Love the new homestead!!!

Nathan Hammond said...

A perfect provision to soothe and heal broken hearts... created by a gentle, wise, all knowing Father. We miss you so much but are trusting God's plans for both you and ourselves.

Full of Joy said...

Thank you SO much, Mel!!

Full of Joy said...

Haha!! Come visit us!!!

Full of Joy said...

Beautiful said, and so true!!

Amanda Owen said...

I praise the Lord that the darkness has lifted and continue to pray that he sustains you, brings you peace and opens up a big wide door for you guys! Love you!

Michelle said...

Praise God! Just seeing this now. I'm so grateful that His direction is becoming clear. I know God has an amazing plan and purpose for the Dubbe family in your new town. P.S. Beautiful writing, Abigail! Isn't it interesting how painful moments can bring about intense creativity? You have a gift, dear friend. Sending love!