i could feel life racing through my blood last night as lisa and i co-lead our first captivating study. God's power and presence was felt by both of us all day long. we were cool, calm, and collected, even in the midst of potentially stressful situations. people were praying for us- and we could sense it.
we had 8 precious girls come- and they were vibrant, beautiful, ready to learn, and even a little scared. i, as well, am a little scared heading into this. studying a book like this takes one's heart and soul to depths that are usually locked up. but, we are ready to fight forward together- learning, growing, talking, sharing, laughing, and loving together!
i left feeling happy- just full of life. my heart hasn't felt this alive in months. i'm beyond excited at what the next 7 weeks will hold.
i love those girls already- they are beautiful! their hearts are just sweet and i am honored to be God's chosen one to journey with them.


Chuck said...

It sounds like it is going to be an amazing journey! I am happy that you are able to be involved with this study, and are able to impact the girls' lives.

Tara said...

Yaay! I love hearing your excited voice.