I'm Gonna be a Scarf

I am feeling very much like a knitted scarf lately. God is taking seemingly very different pieces of yarn (themes, if you will) and weaving them all together. At first glance, the yarn (themes) do not seem to match, or go together at all. But, as I reflect on all these colors of my life that He's weaving, I am continually reminded that I am finite. My mind is finite. My heart is finite.

I am continually reminded that He is infinite! Some times, that's all I need to know. Other times, I am awoken in the night, fearful of the unknown. Still other times, I find myself curled up in a ball, crying on the floor to my God for answers. In the end, I am going to be the most beautifully, wonderfully crafted scarf, and I truly believe that. Ironically, once I am a scarf, that is when I will finally see my Savior face-to-face.

This is the moment I can not get out of my head lately. What if He says, "Depart from me. I never knew you."? The thought makes me tremble in fear. But what if, my Savior says to me, "Well done MY good and faithful servant!" That thought brings me face down on the floor, dying to cling to his feet at this very moment. I can not imagine meeing my Savior face-to-face. I simply can not fathom.

I long for it though. Oh how I long for it.

I rest in Romans 10:9-10. "That if you confess with your mouth 'Jesus is Lord', and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be SAVED. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are SAVED." =)

Happy Birthday GiGi!

What my mom wants most for her birthday...we all love you, Mother! Happy Birthday!

My Favorite Lil Guy in ALL the World!

Yes. You're seeing right! I took this with my phone...we're laying on the couch. We do this every day. He turns his face and I lay my face next to his, and we just snuggle. I finally got a picture of it with my phone! :0) Am I the luckiest Auntie in all the world, or what?!

Dreaming is THE BEST!

I am so excited tonight, that I do not think I am gonna be able to fall asleep! (Hopefully my "sleepy tunes" playlist on my new, hot pink, nano will help! And yes, to you, and you know who you are, who abhor playlists...YES. I said it.)

Yesterday, I took my lil Punka for a walk to Hallmark. Ah...bliss. I just adore that store. It was close to 80 degrees, I was in my capris, and t-shirt, and Hallmark has out their Christmas stuff! I was just lovin' life in my hot weather, and Christmas combo!

Anyway. That's besides the point. While I was there, this sweet Hallmark lady followed Babes and I to the section of cards we were browsing. She literally could not resist his cuteness. I mean, who can?! One glimpse of that dimple, and it's all over with...

We got to chatting, and I end up informing her that "Heck no! He is not my child!" HaHa! I got to share with her how I am spending my life this year. She proclaimed how amazing that was, and the words just flowed out of my heart in my response, "It's the best job in the world!" And I was beaming from ear to ear. She grinned back at me and said, "Yes. Yes it is!" I left the store feeling high on life, and just resting assured that I am EXACTLY where God wants me.

Tonight, God brought this larger then life, NEXT dream job opportunity my way while I was at a party. I have been scowering the website, reading info, and already calculating my application, who I can ask for references, etc.

Right now, it's an opportunity. I am beginning my hard-core praying about it...but I just can't help but be SO FREAKING EXCITED that this job really exists, and that I could actually do it!

His Eye is on the Sparrow!

As I write this, I am listening to an old spiritual singer belt out “His eye is on the Sparrow”. And, as I write this, I know HE is watching me! I feel that power, and it brings such peace!

I realize this letter is long over-due. Such is life! At this very moment, my dad is officiating the memorial service for my Aunt Priscilla. Her loss obviously grieves my heart for many reasons, but today, I ache because I am not there to celebrate her life with my family. My dad’s request was that he would clearly share The Truth of The Gospel, as most in attendance would not know Jesus as their Savior. I can’t fathom not having Jesus…My Grammy was able to fly out with my Aunt Cynthy for the service!

My dad’s surgery is tentatively set for November 19th in Philly. It’s a sticky situation, because of insurance- blah! His insurance only wants to cover his surgery with a Scranton doctor (no offense, but no thank you!). And we obviously want his surgeon who is nationally known, and has already opened up my dad 2 previous times (Umm…EW.) from Philly. Please pray that Dr. Bavaria is allowed to perform the operation! We love Dr. Bavaria!

Lastly, I quit Starbucks today. Holy Yikes. It came down to the fact that I know it’s the right decision. I won’t go into all the logistics, but I completely believe this is how God is leading me. What’s next for me? I have no clue. I know that my priority is my sweet baby nephew Chail through June and as for extra income before then? No idea! I do feel compelled to crack down, and finish my book. That, I know. But that is very scary to me, as well!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU all for praying for my family and me! You, His body, are being used to be His hands and tangible touch as we strive forward together. My entire family wants to express our deep gratitude for those invaluable prayers and your unending support…

Love you all so much!