I'm not a morning girl by any stretch of the imagination.  This is in complete contrast to my husband who actually enjoys setting his alarm for 7:30am on the weekends.  On Sunday I told him to wake me up at 9am so I'd have time to get ready for church.  Promptly at 9, Chuck came in and began the routine of getting me up.  I typically just lie there, unmoving for several minutes.  Sometimes I make a noise or two to communicate something or rather.  

At some point in the haze of the morning routine, Chuck whispered in a sing song voice, "I have a surprise for you!"  Breakfast (food, of course!) was my first thought.  But then I heard him get up, pick up his laptop, and bring it back into bed.  After getting my glasses I rolled over and found THIS!

Chuck and I had scouted out many blog ideas on Saturday.  Since web design is his profession, he gets really excited to do any project of that nature.  We finally narrowed it down to this, my favorite idea.  Then, the next morning Chuck got up early and created this perfect new design just for me!

I was so excited I clicked on my blog all day just to admire his handy work.  I told him he should have waited until Christmas!  What a gift!  

I hope you enjoy the new look, I owe it all to the gifted and generous husband of mine! 


Lisa said...

LOVE the new look! SO you, fur... he's so sweet to you :)

Laura Siegrist said...

WOW! that is so cool!! You should have him make you a background picture for your desktop with the same design so you can see it all the time :)
love it!

n.smith said...

nice work there, chuck! love the new design!

jennifercirinna said...

LOVE the new layout! and is it just me or is it snowing on your page?