Jesus in 43 Inches

We've been living in our new house for over three weeks now! It was fun to be all moved just in time for Halloween. That was the day I heard the door bell ring for the first time. It had been too early in the day for Trick or Treaters, and we had friends coming over, but not for another hour. I assumed somebody was arriving early. (Can we just stop and take a minute to bemoan early arrivers?!) Even though I wasn't ready for early guests, I gave myself a pep talk to calm down. The extra roll of toilet paper wasn't out yet in the guest bathroom- no one likes to be caught without the extra roll, the apples hadn't been sliced, Basye needed to be changed- nobody likes to arrive at a stinky diaper house, Jase needed to be changed out of his PJ's (a story for another day), and the dessert wasn't made, but I would handle those early arrivers.

This all flashed through my mind in just a few seconds. As I waited at the top of the stairs to hear which guests had arrived early, Chuck opened the front door. When he finally called up to me, "Baaaaabe! Come look at this!" things really got exciting! I ran downstairs to find a huge, and I mean HUGE present sitting on our front stoop. A very large box was completely wrapped in bright yellow paper. In case you can't read it in the picture, there was a typed note that said, "A gift for your beautiful family. We love you guys!" What on earth? We kept looking around trying to spot the sneaky gift-givers, wondering if they were watching us from afar.

What else could we do but rip that paper off like there was no tomorrow? Look what we found!

That's right! A FORTY-THREE inch flat screen TELEVISION! I think you can tell how shocked we were by the look on Chuck's face. My hand actually flew to my mouth in utter surprise. How was this even happening? Now before I go on, you have to understand our last TV. It was so old, I'm pretty sure we'll be able to donate it to the Smithsonian. And talk about huge. It was a beast of a TV. Chuck and I had only dreamt that "maybe someday" we would buy a flat screen, and be able to hang it up on the wall. Someday came out of nowhere, guys.

Sometimes Jesus just delivers a 43 inch flat screen to your door. HE knew we had this material desire. HE knew our living room was a bit awkwardly shaped, and a flat screen TV would help. HE knew I had poor vision and couldn't see the TV very well from where our couch had to be positioned. HE knew how excited we would be to get such a gift. HE knew how overwhelmed with love we would feel by whoever HE chose to so generously bless us. HE KNEW. AND HE BLESSED.

To our stealth little angels out there, we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for such a gift. We are overwhelmed with Jesus. We are overwhelmed by HIS love. We are overwhelmed by YOUR love. And we thank you a thousand times. Blessings upon blessings all over you!


Julia said...

The people who gave you this gift must have been so excited and happy to be used by God to bless you in this way. What a great gift!

Melody Martin said...

That is so cool!! I've realized that it's OK to talk to God about things we want even if they're stupid and petty. I remember really wanting some curtains in my house. I felt really silly praying for them, but I did anyway. And I got some as a gift!