Any Other Way

any empty pizza box. the case for "you've got mail" laying on the floor. empty coffee mugs. movie ticket stubs in my purse. my new white coat with new coffee stains strewn on the coach. a wallet on the counter. a precious new christmas ornament. an empty can of livewire mountain dew. an empty baby can of a & w's root beer.

i love getting up in the morning and seeing different objects around that speak of the evening from the night before. i love nights like last night.

the movies with two close friends- martian child. sooooo good.

then coming home and just bein' in my sweats and tank top.

i made a comment to swz that it wasn't fair because someday it was gonna be her, her boyfriend, and my boyfriend watching football while i slept on the couch. i told her it was a lose, lose, lose situation for me. she smiled and said, "no. you win because you'd have a boyfriend." ah. true.

well, truth be told. i love saturday nights in 202. and, as has been said, i wouldn't have it any other way.


the way I see it... said...

truth be either.

Eric said...